If there is one place where CCTV cameras have become an absolute necessity, it is nowhere but school. Violence in school has been rising in the recent years and it needs to stop as soon as possible. A lot of things can be brought under control when there is a superior authority watching over the classrooms. It will be a big step towards safety for students and teachers at school likewise. Moreover, this will also help reduce the anxiety parent’s usually face worrying about their kids at school. The results that you are going to get from this move will be positive and much appreciated.

Regular Monitoring

Going by the definition of what a CCTV does brings us to our first reason to install one at the school. Regular monitoring is important and it is also beneficial to have a record of events taking place all around the campus. While this is not useful all the time, it is surely going to be something which everyone regrets of when they don’t have it. These are helpful at times when things aren’t going the way they should be.

Catching Intruders

Safety is a major concern at schools and if you are going to have CCTV surveillance all around, it makes it easier to detect intruders and identify them. It’s not just about catching or identifying them. It will also help you analyse the situation and make possible security measures for future regards to avoid the same thing from happening again.

Maintain Discipline

This is something which modern education seems to be fairly lacking behind at. Discipline is no more an attribute a student needs to showcase. Bring forth an 80’s kid and he’ll tell you what discipline is. With eyes over students where teachers cannot be, they will try and maintain discipline at school and respect the policies. While this might look like a forced way of teaching discipline, this is one of the best shots at it and tough things cannot be taught easy.

Tackle Emergencies

Another of the security measure that can be used to reduce casualties in the case of an emergency. Panic situations can be controlled and it can be seen where exactly to rush to and where to not in case of an unfortunate event. You can also track students who might be stuck at places and rescue everyone in danger. Yet again, the footage can be later analysed to assess what caused the emergency in the first place and be careful about it the next time by taking appropriate actions. School panic button can also be helpful to call for help.

Investigate and Solve Conflicts

Conflicts keep happening all the time. It’s a school after all and not a museum. The authorities at school normally have to rely on student accounts of what actually happened. This can often be biased and the decision taken by the officials might not be just. CCTV footage can be played to assess the situation and watch exactly what took place and who the real offender is. It’ll also help keep ragging and bullying at bay.

Monitor Teacher’s Behaviour

If this is something that came unexpected, make sure finds it place on the credibility list of why you need CCTV cameras. It’s not always the students who wrong. Some teachers too can be on the wrong path and it is the management’s duty to take into consideration every possible scenario before giving out a verdict. Teacher abuse should not be taken for granted as it can ruin a child’s life if they are at a tender age. This is something which needs to be monitored and CCTV surveillance will help you do it.

Schools are the second home and students need to feel safe there. More than the students, it the parents who worry and they have to be assured of basic safety and protection of their kids at school. It all eventually boils down to the safety of children at school and this is the foremost criterion of safety at school.

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