In the recent years, the variety of flight controllers on the market has skyrocketed, with many tech giants have started investing their resources in flight controllers. This is indeed great for all the adventure and seekers out there since there is an extensive selection of options for them to pick something that satisfies their gaming hormones that lead to the secretion of utter excitement and joy.

A brief about MultiWii flight controllers

However, the technology of flight controller has been taken to a new height of supreme functionality with the dawn of MultiWii flight controllers by top brands across the globe.  MultiWii is a quadrotor autopilot system designed and developed by many RC enthusiasts across the globe. This project uses an Arduino board as a processor;  although, it’s been seen to run on other platforms. This project aims to make the fabrication of electronics easy. Originally, the concept of MultiWii was used with gyroscopes and accelerometers for Wii motion controller by Nintendo, and then to the flight controller. What’s remarkable about MultiWii flight controllers is, all the coding is open work, so the user can make some changes, if he or she knows, with the launch of version every time in the market.  

A Sea of Features

MultiWii flight controller comes loaded with an array of features, there are many in the market that support satellite receiver functionality, while other have a voice command system. So, there has been unending technology evolvement when comes to this type of flight controller. They can capable to control just about any kind of aircraft, and ideal for multi-motor air crafts.

Typically, this type of flight controllers has a direct connection to a GPS module offering ultra-precise positioning functionality. Above all, a MultiWii flight controller is usually pre-configured with the right setting, so you are plug and play, and let the excitement begin.

Pre-Requisites of Using MWC

Ironically, most of the flight controllers available nowadays come loaded with old versions of MultiWii. Therefore, you need to download the latest 2.3 version of FC Firmware, MW Configuration, and WinGUI from its official website. Then, configure your device and upload to FC. And, keep in mind that it is fundamental of to have FC and WinGUI /MW Configuration of the same version.

A MultiWii drone electric speed controller is also quite popular nowadays as it has made controlling drones a lot easier with better functionality and less soldering.

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