Demolition of infrastructure so that you could construct one of your choices from the scratch is a science, trust me it is. We all have thought that demolition only requires setting up an explosive pressing the button and boom…… the building collapses and you have a canvas to paint on. This is far from the reality we need professionals for demolishing a building, rather than placing and clicking the explosive button we need to take care in which direction the residue flies off too, how much harm will be caused to the nearby structures, and any natural damage that can occur. Do you know demolishing a building is often termed as razing, caratage, or wrecking and you cannot demolish the building as soon as the thought comes to your mind the authorities need to be consulted, and damage control has to be done.

Demolition Process

First of all, you cannot hire a person who owns a bulldozer- heya man I need to hire you for a few hours. I want to reconstruct my house and demolish it. No, you need proper professionals that will survey the whole area, and look at the concerning geography. You don’t want to jeopardise the safety of others in exchange for your desire. Imagine you demolished a building that was a fault zone because of the chances of volcanic eruption and earthquakes. That would be inviting the bull to hit you. According to Campbell associates, demolishing a building requires surveying the area, removal of any hazardous material that could increase the damage caused, planning it wholly out where the impact will be the most, taking safety measures, and executing the plan.

Demolition Methods

Demolition of any infrastructure can be broadly done via two methods- using explosives and physically demolishing it using machines and all, Campbell associates provide you with both services. Non-explosive one could be done via sledge and Hammer, generally taking weeks or even months to do so, the damage incurred is negligible. Excavators and bulldozers are economical but you would need professionals for this task, you need a perfect angle where you hit and it does not cause damage to neighbouring infrastructures. Then comes a wrecking ball. This is a big spherical ball-like structure attached to the machine via a string, the metallic ball and the building to be demolished are made to collide resulting in the collapsing of the building. The explosive would be of two types one in which the building falls like a tree at a certain angle or the second in which the building falls on its own footprint.

Demolishing buildings requires professional knowledge, it can cause greater damage if done in any sensitive area, which is why taking permission from the concerned authority is a must. Further, you need to properly dispose of the debris, leaving the debris as it also causes problems.

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