For companies, businesses, and individuals in sectors or environments where liquid spills can occur, it is important to take the proper measures to prevent substances from leaking onto the ground. This is where spill mats such as Enviropads ® are extremely useful and work to help absorb potentially hazardous spills, keep the area and working conditions safe and protect the environment.

Here are just some of the many benefits of Enviropads ® and why they should be your top choice of spill mats.

Easy To Use

Enviropads® are extremely easy to use and come with instructions fitted to each pad. Simply lay them down underneath the equipment, tools, vehicle, or on the surface where there is a risk of a spill.

Safe Disposal

A lot of spill mats when they become full can overflow which makes disposing of them very difficult as the oils and substances inside can easily leak out when they are being moved, tipping straight onto the ground, and doing the very thing they are meant to prevent.

Enviropads ® however, capture the liquids inside where they react with the smart polymer technology, turning into a rubber-like substance that is then trapped inside the mat. This means that even when they are moved, the solidified contaminants will not seep out or leak onto the ground, making disposal straightforward, safe and convenient.

 Cost Effective

Enviropads® work out to be excellent value for money because of the way they are designed which means that;

  • They have the lowest cost per litre of oil absorbed
  • Contaminated rainwater doesn’t pool inside, reducing the volume of waste that is produced
  • The different sizes available can cut costs considerably

Simple Transport And Storage

Most types of spill mats and spill containment-related products can be bulky and heavy with walls that make them difficult to move around and transport when needed. Enviropads® however are lightweight with no sidewalls or liners which makes them easy to store and ideal for a wide range of businesses, environments, and applications.

No Risk Of Overflowing

When most spill mads become full, they need to be quickly replaced because otherwise rainfall or water can cause the pollutants inside to float out and potentially leak onto the ground. One of the most impressive parts of this innovative technology is that the hydrocarbons are quickly absorbed and solidified by the Enviropad®, containing them in the mat and allowing uncontaminated water to freely drain away. This means that even if they were to be subjected to heavy rain or jet washing, the chemicals remain trapped inside and will not be flushed out.


Enviropads ® is available in 5 different sizes – small, medium, large, extra-large, and XX large. The larger the spill mat, the bigger the volume of hydrocarbons they are able to absorb with the smallest mats starting at 4.5L up to over 44L for the XXL. This means that you can choose the perfect size mat for whatever task to help catch and contain spills of all sizes and types.

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