If you are looking for better security, privacy and ability to access different websites from various locations, consider getting a VPN. There are many service providers in the market. If you want quality services, ensure that the service provider you choose meets the following criteria.


You must know the location of your VPN provider. There are some places where your privacy is not guaranteed if your provider is based there. These places have made an agreement that they can share the user’s information in case they are requested to do so by the government.

Therefore, find out if what the law says about VPN privacy where your provider is based.


Using a VPN can slow down your browsing speed, considering that data has to be encrypted and sent through a secure server. To avoid this, find a provider who has servers in different countries. This way, you can connect to servers who are in countries that are closest to the websites where you are surfing.

Checkout reviews of what people say about the speed of the connection before finally making your decision. This will help you know how fast their Internet connection speed is.

Customer service

Check out the quality of the customer service. You might have problems with the product, so you want to make sure that when this happens you can reach the customer care team. Check the responsiveness of the team to gauge how good they are.

Paid or free

There are service providers who offer their services free of charge and others who offer paid services. Check out this list of providers who offer their services for free if you do not want to spend any money.

Paid services have their own advantages. The companies channel their resources into ensuring that you get high-quality services. They will work on increasing their connection speeds and protecting your data so that people cannot access your browsing history and private information.

Kill switch

 A good service provider is the one that has a kill switch. This way, in case your VPN connection breaks, it will automatically shut down your connection instead of switching to your regular IP address.

Switching to your regular IP can expose your online activities, so it is important that you have a kill switch.

What do you need it for?

When choosing a provider, you have to also consider what you need it for.  For instance, if you need video streaming that is only allowed in certain countries, your provider should be able to provide you with access to it.

You should also check whether the website you want to access blocks out VPNs or allows their use. This can even help you decide what package to buy, whether a monthly or yearly subscription.

This is considering that what might work today might not work tomorrow since things are constantly evolving in the online world. Some websites might block the provider you have.

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