Going abroad is always an interesting prospect regardless of the why you undertake it. There are many avenues that are up for your consideration, have you devoted any time into deciding where? Allow us to make a contribution, Canada. There are not only easy norms that prove attractive but also the large community of Indians that make you feel welcome. But there are a few things that you need to consider before going down this path. Enjoying a holiday and working in a foreign country adds significant gravitas to your resume but also require a lot of conditions to be met. In this article, we list the conditions that you need to come clean on for a working holiday visa Canada.

What is this visa?

The first thing that needs to be made clear is what it denotes. A working holiday is one in which you decide to fund your vacation in the country by working there locally. The work permits that the government issues is an open work permit. It is not necessary for you to have a job at the time of making the application; you can also work for more than one employer or more than one location. On the bonus side, you can get to earn some money so that you can fund your stay.

There are certain conditions necessary for this job. The job that you enroll must be paid and not self employed. If you choose to make this application as employer specific, you must work for the same during the course of your stay and it must add to your professional development. Additionally, you must also have a clearance that ascertains your skill qualification and deems you qualified to work inside the country.

If you are a student studying in a foreign country and wish to spend a working holiday in the country of Canada, you apply under the category of an international co op internship. It has to be employer specific and you must cover the following bases:

  • Registered in an institute.
  • You have a work placement or internship offer inside the country.
  • You need this job to complete your education.
  • You must work for the same employer during your course of stay.

The wages that you get are in accordance with the local laws. It is entirely up to their discretion to decide whether the internship is to be a paid one or not. The employment and labor laws apply to all working members of the society regardless of where they are from.

Making use of opportunities:

A holiday working visa Canada can do wonders for you if you decide to approach it in the right spirit. You are expected to meet certain moral guidelines during your stay in the country. You must not indulge in any illegal activities. For getting initiated on your paperwork, reach out to a Canadian outpost near you or the Canadian immigration website. From there, your application will be processed and evaluated.

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