Like the five fingers of your hand, every country has its own study system. But, the USP (unique selling proposition) of studying in Singapore are manifold as experienced by the students worldwide despite bearing the tag of one of the costliest cities/countries in the globe. Having said that, we mean, there is no dearth of causes why you should study in Singapore. It further connotes that the city cum island nation has many things on offer befitting the needs of the international students. For instance, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, in short OECD, awarded OECD 2015 award to the Singapore Education System. The onus to mention here is that OECD is an intergovernmental economic organisation with a membership of 35 countries across the globe that promotes world trade and economic progress.

Key areas of studying in Singapore:

  • Opportunity to avail scholarship: Singapore is a costly city/country compared to many other countries around the world. It means studying there would by default require a substantial monetary commitment on your part. However, the good news is that Singapore offers a host of scholarships to the foreign students willing to conduct a course there. The Singapore Scholarship of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore and INSEAD Syngenta Endowed Scholarship(s) for Emerging County Leadership, for instance, are some of the popular scholarships available there to the foreign students.      
  • Low-cost education: You may be surprised to know that the cost of education in Singapore is low compared to some of the advanced ASEAN (an association of nations dedicated to economic and political cooperation in southeastern Asia) countries. According to the QS World University Rankings, Singapore was among the top three ‘Best Student Cities’ in the year 2013.    
  • Sought after education: Singapore has built a strong and robust education system over the years and thus, pursuing a course there can be a real life game changer for you. Having said that, we mean, you can have a bright future after passing out from a Singapore university, for instance. It has one of the most advanced education organization and infrastructures that make your learning a fun there.   
  • Safe and secure education: The overall law and order situation in Singapore is good. In other words, you as an expat there will find your stay safe and secure.
  • Good food: After a day’s hard work in the class, for instance, you would love to have a sumptuous meal. You will be happy to know that Singapore is the foodies’ paradise. Food courts and restaurants are open round the clock with a view to serving you even at the odd hours of business.    
  • Public transport: Another important part of Singapore’s attraction is its public transport system. It is inexpensive and at the same time, commuter-friendly. Having said that, we mean, all important announcements there are made in English and all signs at major locations are written in English.

Likewise, you may have a preference or two why you should study in Singapore. Many international students to Singapore have been immensely benefitted studying there. Now, it’s your turn to test the water there.   

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