Are you irritated of damp problem? Do you want to get rid of it? Then yes, all your issue will be solved as damp proofingBattersea has brought best services to help you prevent all the moisture from passing into the interior spaces. Damp proofing is a type of construction process done to control all the moisture by building walls and floors to keep away yourself from all the moisture into your interior spaces of house. All most every home in Battersea is facing damp problems and the moisture of damps is affecting over health. Thus it is very essential to control it by taking damp proofing action. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) founded the process of damp proofing in which one type of unique material is used which can resist easily the flow of water without any help of hydrostatic pressure or any other waterproof treatment.

Damp proofing is done by several different ways which includes:

  • Damp proof course: It is a type of barrier used to prevent rising damp from ground into your property. This capillary action usually takes place in case of rising damp which rises from the ground to enter your home. Damp proof course comes horizontally and vertically which is placed below all masonry walls, disregarding if the wall is a load bearing wall or a partition wall doesn’t matter.
  • Damp proof membrane: Membrane is a type of material added to avoid moisture transmission into house. For example polyethylene sheeting laid under a concrete slab for a purpose to prevent the concrete from gaining moisture through damp proofing course or capillary action. Damp proof membrane is specially used for the damp proof course.
  • Integral damp proofing: Integral damp proofing in accurate involves mixing materials to the accurate mix to make the concrete itself airtight. Once it becomes airtight no moisture can enter into your house thus IDP is also useful process.
  • Surface coating: Surface of the area also needs to be coated so that no water could get pass through wall. Surface coating is done with thin water proof materials for blocking to non-pressurized moisture like rain water or a coating of cement sprayed on such as Shotcrete which can help to abide water under pressure.
  • Cavity wall construction: Cavity wall construction is also termed as rain screen construction in which the interior side of walls is separated from the exterior side of walls by the help of cavity.
  • Pressure grouting: It is a least type of process of pressure grouting cracks and joints in masonry materials.

Damp proof in Battersea provides best services and free surveys to the people of Battersea and can easily help preventing rising damp permanently. No need to worry about their works and services as they are experts and specialists that use the latest treatments to provide you best damp proof service in affordable range. They provide latest products and skilled workmanship to permanently fix all the problems with rising damp.

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