If you are in search of heavy duty mats for roads which mostly support that transportation of heavy duty vehicles, then TuffTrak is the solution for your query. It is one of the most feasible ways out for temporary solution for roads and areas through which the heavy vehicles carrying different machineries or other vehicles or any other consignment which are heavy passes regularly. This road mats are designed especially in UK and in other European cities and is readily available for the construction companies in UK.

Manufacturing and Safety

These road mats are manufactured in special ways to make them real hard and strong for enduring the heavy duty vehicles all day long and for a longer stretch of time. The chevron traction process of the mats provides them an unparalleled grip for any vehicle and during any time of the year whether it is raining or moist. The tractions are installed in the surface of the mat and it also provides safety and rapidness.


These heavy duty road mats are really easy to install and that is why, they are very much popular with the construction companies, civil engineering firms and other infrastructure development and maintenance companies in UK. The installation process also doesn’t take much time as the panels of the TuffTrak are connected with the help of the straps of steels and bolt of standard sizes. The connectors of the non-standard range which are the high tensile straps are also used wherever necessary. It is also connected for making ground connections and for providing much more safety and stability at the same time.

When these mats are installed for temporary purposes, there are no requirement for preparing the ground or the cemented roads as these mats are enough efficient to take on the heavy duty vehicles.


  1. TuffTrak road mats are having thickness of 3m * 2.5m * 38mm and you can definitely gauge the reason behind its strength and tensile capacity.
  2. The mats normally weigh around 295 kg but it differs from time to time depending on the place of requirement and other factors.
  3. These road mats are highly environment friendly and also reusable and recyclable.
  4. The design of these road mats which are modular helps in wide range of coverage of the ground.
  5. The road mats are made of anti-slip material for the surface area to avoid vehicle’s skit or slipping away from the road.
  6. One of the most important benefits of these road mats are they can be used on both sides. Where one of the sides is used for the heavy duty vehicle the other side can be use as a walkway for the pedestrians with high levels of safety.
  7. These mats are resistant to the changes in the weather, chemicals and solvent, alkalis and also they can be used at places where the temperatures remain below the freezing levels.

TuffTrak are easy to use and also safe in every way and the installation process is also hassle free which makes it one of the most usable and sought after product in the infrastructure industry.

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