All human beings have a detoxification process. The body uses different ways to discard unwanted toxins that are floating through the body at any given moment. Today, there are thousands of different programs or drinks out there that claim to help detox the body. One option people use is Detox Foot Pads. This is a practice that has been around since the Chinese started practicing medicine.

Detox Foot Pads use a process that is very similar to one jumping into a sauna and beginning to sweat. The body uses a few different ways to detox itself. The following are different processes the body uses to flush harmful chemicals or poisons:

  • Sweating
  • Urinating/Waste Dumping
  • The Liver

When one urinates, millions of toxins and bacteria leave the body. The kidney is one of the main organs that keep the body functioning at an elite level. Let’s not forget about the Liver though, it could be the most important organ in the body when talking about a cleanse. The Liver has specific functions, one is to filter the blood from dangerous, poisonous bacteria. It then pushes the blood back out while keeping the bodies circulation seamless. This process does not stop unless the Liver makes that decision.

The sun, a bright star that shines brightly on us. When I think of the sun, I think of heat. Heat makes my body oozes this water like substance out of my feet, hands, head, or even armpits. You may know this disgusting water like substance as SWEAT! The body releases sweat when it needs to cool down internally. What many don’t know is the amount of waste and chemicals in the sweat that leaves the body, including me! Detox Foot Pads are different because it DOES collect waste (In the form of Sweat) that is being exiled from the body.

Now, one can peel, place, and plaster a Detox Foot Pad right to the bottom of their feet. Leave it on for the night and check the results in the morning. We have one more option to use now that we were able to collect the waste. Since time has changed and new technology has come to light, it is now possible to test the Detox Foot Pads. We can now see exactly what we are putting in our body or what our body is exposed too.

To use the Detox Foot Pads:

  • Peel the thin sticker layer off the patch, leaving just the sticky side.
  • Take the pad and place it in the center of the sticky patch.
  • Place the pad on the bottom of your feet (bottom of your arch works great) and press down on all sides of the patch so it sticks better.

Put the Detox Foot Pads on at night so it does not fall off from walking around all day. In the morning you can check the results. Repeat the process every night.


  • The Detox Foot Pads need the body to circulate. If your feet have a poor circulation at night try putting the Detox Foot Pads on 2 hours before bed when the blood is still cycling well.
  • The Detox Foot Pads can be placed anywhere the body has heavy blood circulation. These examples are the Hands, Feet, Neck, Back, Temple, Spine, and Knees. You can even place it on your toes!

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