Dandruff is a very common scalp problem but it can be very vexing. This mainly happens when one suffers from too much dry or too much oily scalp. There is a growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp that causes itchiness and leads to formation of dry skin flakes.

There are many people who use shampoo ketomac to keep dandruff attack in control. But one should always know the major reasons behind this flake formation. Though in most cases, it is an outcome of fungal infection but it can also happen due to lack of hygiene and dirty scalp. One can also face flake attack because of poor diet habits and stress. So one should keep all these in control to keep dandruff away from them.

Here are some natural remedies as well which one can try.

Treat your dry scalp with green tea
You need green tea, some white vinegar and peppermint essential oil for this. You need to brew a cup of green tea and then mix 2 to 3 drops of peppermint essential oil with that. After that, add a tea spoon of white vinegar into that and let it cool. Wet your hair under running water and pour the mixture on your scalp and through your hair. Massage it on your scalp for about 5 minutes and then use a mild, sulphate free shampoo to wash it off. Green tea and peppermint oil both have a lot of anti microbial and anti oxidant properties which can keep the scalp healthy.

Control dandruff with neem leaves

Take handful of neem leaves in 4 to 5 cups of water and soak it overnight. Then the next morning, strain all the liquid and use that to rinse your hair. You can also make a paste of those neem leaves and then apply that paste on your scalp and keep it for an hour before washing it off with a mild shampoo. Neem leaves not only give you relief from itchy scalp but it also prevents dandruff from growing back.

Shampoo well

This is not exactly a home remedy but this is a thing that has to be followed thoroughly. Shampooing thoroughly is very much needed because it can clean the scalp well and removes all the dirt that accumulates there and causes dandruff and other problems. After shampooing, one needs to wash it off well so that no residue is left on the hair.

Try the aspirin treatment

 For this, one just needs 2 aspirin tablets and a mild shampoo. Crush the 2 aspirin tablets and them beneath a clean napkin. Then transfer the powder into a bowl and mix it with a little amount of shampoo. Use this mixture while shampooing. Let it stay for 2 minutes and then rinse it well with water.

Ketoconazole shampoos India is available in all the medical stores. One can consult a dermatologist before buying a medicated anti dandruff shampoo as the doctors can advice well, which shampoo to use and what should be the dosage.

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