Enjoy The Summer Under The Shade

There will be instances when the sun is just so hot that it becomes unbearable to the skin. It’s not good to expose yourself under the sun for extended periods because it can cause several ailments like skin cancer. Sometimes, people just want to relax during the summer without having to feel uncomfortable staying outdoors. 

A good way to protect people from the scorching heat is by taking cover under a shade. Fortunately, there’s a device called a shade sail that you can install outside of your home. There are even commercial shade sails that are big and wide enough for many people to take refuge in. 

Installation Tips for Beginners

Now that you know about shade sails, you might already be buying one off the bat. Before anything else, you should have ample knowledge or experience if you want to install it yourself. Many inexperienced users tried doing it independently, but they were left with a shade sail installed incorrectly. 

One good tip about installing it is to decide where you can install it. The shade sails you buy may not fit in your backyard, so you need to be specific about the measurements. You also need to consider the location of fire pits, barbecue grills, and other high heat sources. Installing it near them can cause serious damage to the shade sail.

Another effective installation tip is the post supports for mounting sails. You should know that digging a shallow hole will not secure the posts properly. It’s recommended that you dig a hole with a depth of at least 5 feet to ensure it stays in place.

Why Install Shade Sails?

Shade protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. But what most people aren’t aware of is that installing shade sails can lower your power costs. It helps shelter your home by reducing the temperature inside and reducing air conditioning use. Some businesses are already opting to install commercial shade sails in their buildings because it’s a great investment for them.

One other advantage you can get with shade sails is it can protect your property. You might have pieces of furniture placed outside in your backyard. Covering it with a waterproof plastic isn’t enough; shade sails can do the job better. The UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) from direct sunlight can slowly damage the furniture. Not only is it harmful to furniture, but it can also damage other household items right away. 

What Shade Sail to Choose?

There are various shade sails to choose from, and it also depends on the overall surroundings. If you have a pool or backyard where you can hold events and gatherings on, you can install the shade cloth shade sail since it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

If there’s an event in a wide, open area, a portable shade sail is your best bet. It’s lighter compared to the other shade sails, and it’s the easiest to install. Even one or two people can set it up as quickly as possible. 

And for properties that have gardens, make sure to get umbrella-shaped garden shade sails. They’re stylish, and it’s fun to stay under it when you’re having lunch with friends, reading a book, or simply relaxing by yourself. 

Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, shade sails can guarantee you that it will protect anyone from the sun’s dangerous heat. You won’t regret having one once you install it.

Author Name: Carmel Issac

Author Bio: Carmel Issac is a blogger and writer. He loves to express his ideas and thoughts through his writings

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