The Top Things You Can Do To Get More Members For Your Sports Club

The amount of people joining sports clubs has increased in recent years, and everyone knows how beneficial being involved in sports is – whether you are a player, manager, coach, or admin staff. It’s not just the physical benefits – it’s also the mental benefits and being part of something that gives reward and satisfaction and allows you to meet new people and engage with those who have a similar mindset and goal. But if you have been running your sports club for a while and have noticed that you aren’t getting enough new members, there are certain things you can do to boost your membership. So what can you do in order to acquire more members for your sports club? Let’s find out.

Have an ‘open day’

The concept behind an ‘open day’ is simple, but the rewards can be great. It’s a day where you can invite prospective members and give them the chance to mingle with your members and players and participate in friendly game sessions and perhaps even share a meal and drinks. The point with open days is to show everyone how fun your sports club is, and while you’re at it, have a visible table with a tablet or clipboard where people can sign up and register with your sports club, or at the very least, sign up for your email newsletter. 

Become a volunteer

As a sports club, you want to be visible in your community – and one surefire way to do this would be to become a volunteer at a charity event. This will not only boost your image and let everyone know that you are involved in the community; it will also give you the chance to meet people and tell them more about your club. When you join such an event, wear t-shirts with your sports club’s logo and have flyers within reach, so you have a chance to give a few to those who are interested.

Set up promotions on social media 

Another way through which you can boost membership to your sports club is to set up promotions on social media. Social media is a big deal nowadays, and most clubs will have a Facebook page or group page on apps like WhatsApp so you can communicate with members and share the latest news and updates. You should take advantage of the right software for club management so it’s easy to send out email blasts about upcoming events. 

Having a robust digital presence is one of the necessities for any business, and your sports club is a type of business, so you need to stay relevant and get everyone engaged. You can even create a club hashtag and tell existing players and members to use it when sharing their photos on their social media accounts. 

Inform local newspapers about events and achievements 

Even though digital platforms are already a standard, you shouldn’t discount the power of local media. Your community may have a number of newspapers or magazines, and you should take advantage of this by informing local newspapers about your events and achievements as a sports club. All you have to do is reach out to the writers, and if your story is interesting enough, there’s no reason for them not to include it in their next issue. 

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