Over the years, women’s fashion has changed a great deal. Our sense of style has evolved over and over. The end of the year approaches and 2017 trends are now considered old news. Sometimes it can be daunting to keep up with fashion at all times. Getting out ahead of the trend before it starts is the surest way to know you are current and up to date. We have a bright 2018 to look toward for a breath of fresh fashion. Every year new trends, popular colors to wear and staple pieces are introduced. For 2018, scarf styles will be trending. So, let’s get creative with these bad boys. Here are some hacks that will have you stepping out into 2018 with style.

Trend alert

Scarves has always been used to play around and experiment with. People all over are getting creative about how scarves are worn. The truth is that these beautiful pieces of fabric are very versatile and if worn correct can be considered fashionable. The more creative, the higher the fashion. It is very easy to look fashionable with the edition of a scarf added to your wardrobe. It can take a plain outfit and transform it to a trendy one. You don’t have to always wear it. Just incorporate it somewhere visible and you are going to get that pop your outfit is missing.

You will be ahead of the wave and stand out. Make sure to play around with colors as well. You can go for a similar colored scarf to match an outfit or get creative and introduce a bit of contrast to tie the whole outfit together. Either way this little hack will definitely get you some looks. Make sure to always be creative and have fun. People will see this and compliment you. Better yet, they may even get inspired and follow your lead. These pieces of fabric are small but pack a punch. Scarves have the ability to make you feel confident and beautiful. Try one on, stand in front of the mirror and see how it makes you feel. Simply put, when you look good you feel good.

The Neck Tie

Let’s jump right into how to wear your scarfs. There are so many ways you can wear one, like we briefly talked about earlier. The first way is tying the scarf around your neck. This personally is my favorite style because it adds such flare. The scarf is in your face and shows off how chic you are. Remember we spoke about how a scarf can give you confidence? Well this is the style to wear to do just that. It is said that a scarf tied around your neck keeps your neck long and head tall.

Walking down the street, you will automatically be looked at as someone who is very confident. Not only that but you will also feel confident and look like a serious fashionista. This style screams fashion forward and who wouldn’t want to be considered that today? Make sure to wear a hairstyle that will show off the scarf. So this means, ponytails and pulled back hair. Pair this with sunglasses and you will be runaway ready in no time. You don’t always have to look dressed to the T. You can also look very simple and chic with this style. Simple hair and an an added scarf around your neck will give you a sophisticated look. It is a great addition to an outfit. The look you go for is up to you. Either way, rock that scarf!

Call to arms style

Keeping on the same topic of wearing scarves on our body, lets talk about arm scarves. This style is so beautiful and adds a cute little pop to an outfit. Show off your personal style with this one. You don’t have too only wear watches and bracelets on your wrist. Instead you can wear a scarf. It looks very original and stylish because not many people wearing this. You can pair this with rings and bracelets. It will also look amazing with nicely done nails. You can coordinate nail colors with a wrist scarf. The key is to use your imagination and aways play around to see what pops for you. Remember, it is not so much about what you have on, it’s how you wear it.

Under wraps style

Not only can we wear scarves on our body to get that instant boost of fashion, but we can also use it to accessorize an accessory. That might have been a tongue twister but I am going to teach you how to twist up your style. Any woman with a purse can do this. All you need to do is swap out the handles of your bag with a cool scarf. Again, you can mix and match colors. You can also change your scarf handles every day to match with an outfit. What a neat little trick to have. You can also just wrap the scarf around the bag straps for an interesting look. Pinterest is a great website for inspiration. Always add a pop to your style when you can because small things can tie an outfit together.

Handle on it style

The last style was going to talk about is a scarf hanging from a bag handle. This look is very timeless. Not only that, but it shows edge. The scarf around the handle shows the world that you are a well-rounded fashionista. You will look like an expert in the fashion department. This style can make your bag look luxurious too. Either way is the right way. This style will add a cute addition to anything you wear.

Hope you ladies are feeling like you got a head start to 2018. I hope you use some of these scarf hacks to instantly transform your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. Remember to stay trendy!

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