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Floor Covering: Which One To Choose?

Flooring is essential to the comfort and aesthetics of your home. But depending on your needs and budget, you have to choose the right type of product. When you have your house built, you can do some finishing works yourself. It is cheaper to purchase a house that still needs to be decorated rather than one which is totally ready to live in. You can decide to make your own paintings or cover the wall and the floor. But how to choose the best floor covering among the wide ranges of products available on the market? Here are the answers.

What is the most Popular Flooring Currently?

Trends and tastes have changed over time. A few years ago, people liked tiles because of its easy maintenance. But not everyone can afford it. As a result, it has lost its popularity little by little. Today, most customers tend to choose PVC tiles. Although these slabs are sometimes more expensive than tiles. As a matter of fact, in the mid-range you can already find expensive products. Only low-end PVC slabs are the cheapest. The great advantage of this kind of tile is that the time required for its installation is very short. It can be just one day if the floor is smooth and impeccable, which will certainly be the case of a new house. It’s very simple to install. With tiling, the laying time will be much longer. You will need three to four days of drying time to enjoy your living room or kitchen. But PVC does not have the tiles’ perfection and brilliance yet. On the other hand, they are as good as wood with thermal insulation for laminate flooring.

Other Interesting Floorings

If you are looking for a cheap but effective product, laminate flooring with a wooden look is the perfect option. It is less expensive because it does not require underlayment. Plus, it is simple to install, just clip and saw it according to the dimensions of your room. For a novice handyman, you can embark on the adventure but only if you are good with your hands. On the other hand, carpets are still popular. Some people are afraid of stains and mites but the carpet can be perfectly treated! A wool carpet can last twenty-five years and is very easy to maintain. Linoleum also has the advantage of being very simple to install. This is even the most practical flooring in terms of laying. Furthermore, marble is less expensive than you might think. It is a material that is both chic and indestructible. Parquet can be even more expensive and such a noble product needs good maintenance at least every two years. However, it is very resistant and can last seventy years.

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