Solid wastes like soap scum, hair, leaves and other garbage coming out from the kitchen and bathroom outlets make drain pipes get blocked. These wastes cannot easily pass out from the drain pipes especially if the passage is quite narrow, resulting in drain blockage. Blocked drains are very disgusting and troublesome as they lead to other disastrous situations like infestations and stink.

Nowadays, almost every house faces this issue frequently, therefore, house owners should learn how to manage and dispose of the household wastes effectively. Drains should be cleaned on a regular basis so that stuck-up wastes can be easily removed. Though there are many more preventive measures that can be taken but not all of them can be performed in a DIY manner. Such cases require expert advice and thus an expert should be contacted for this purpose.

If you wish, you can call any expert professional for maintaining and cleaning your drains. The cause of the blockage needs to be detected first, and only then the necessary preventive measures can be implemented. When you find that water is not getting easily drained off from either your kitchen or bathroom, then it should be an indication that the drains are blocked. Regular checks and maintenance can help avoid this situation of blocked drains.

Steps for clearing clogged wastes from drains

Blocked drains can now be treated in a variety of ways. Out of all the available options, you should opt for one that is most flexible and that can remove wastes in an eco-friendly manner so that both human beings and surrounding environment is safe. Some of the most valuable steps that you can follow are discussed below:

  • The plunger is a tool that is now available in almost all houses and is quite a useful plumbing tool. It is not only used for cleaning bathroom or kitchen pipes but can also be used to remove clogged wastes from drains. Make sure that the plunger has a long handle so that you can easily access the waste while cleaning-up drains. You can also use other essential tools along with the plunger for performing the task in a more efficient manner.
  • There are a few home remedies or treatments that you can follow to get good results in such situations. In fact, these treatments are highly recommended by plumbing experts for maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen sink or bathroom drain. Baking soda and vinegar are the two best ingredients that can be used to prepare strong solutions for cleaning the drains easily. These solutions can be instantly prepared and the application is also very easy. Blocked drains can be treated effectively at any point in time with these two solutions.
  • Regular usage of hot boiling water can also be quite useful and can help in preventing the situation of blocked drains. The water can be mixed with any kind of mild soaps or detergents for ensuring better cleaning and easy removal of wastes. Disinfectants can also be used to kill the unwanted germs and bacteria that might cause dreadful human diseases. Take out some time from your regular schedule to perform preventive cleaning tasks regularly without fail. This act can help you to save a lot of money and avoid blocked drains.

If the above steps are followed sincerely, then you can easily free yourself from worries of blocked drains. You can maintain a healthy drainage system at your home that can help keeping away major problems in the future. Moreover, you will also be able to save lots of money which otherwise would be spent on paying the experts for cleaning and maintaining of your drains.

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