Being the student of science, the reproduction process is much required to understand. Different species have different systems, and in this chapter, you will learn about the reproduction system of flowers which is much important from the biology point of view. You need to study this chapter in detail to understand the reproduction process of different flowering plants. Just like any other organism, even the flowering plants undergo different steps in the reproduction process, and all the details are included in the second chapter of the 12th class Biology curriculum. You can easily get the complete course from online tutorials, and this will help you to get the best understanding of the entire concept. You will notice that this chapter forms the base for understanding the further concepts of Biology subject.

Understanding the reproduction process in the plants:

The class XII Biology chapter 2 deals with the different process involved in fertilization of flowers. To begin with, you have to understand that the flower is not a separate entity and it is a part of the entire plant. However, it is the flower that plays the most crucial role when it comes to the reproduction process. Before the process of fertilization begins the plants undergo different stages of development and this leads to the formation of pollen grains in the plant. Once this stage is reached, the flowers are ready to reproduce through the process of pollination.

The process of pollination occurs through different methods, and it depends upon the species of flowers involved in the process and also the environmental factors in the surrounding place. You will be surprised to know that bees contribute for most of the pollination activities in flowers. For this reason, they are considered an important species and many flowers depend upon such external entities for the fertilization process. In some cases, when the flowers are close by, they can come into physical contact with each other, and this can lead to pollination. However, when they are not located nearby, even wind can carry the small pollen grains to the different flowers and lead to the fertilization process.

Choosing the biology Class 12 NCERT solutions chapter 2 course will help you to get a detailed understanding of this concept. You will be glad to know that most of the exams will have few questions from this chapter and you will be able to get good marks in the exam when you have a thorough understanding of these concepts. There will be no confusion regarding the fertilization process in different flowers when you completely study the chapter. The actual growth of the new flowers begin after the completion of fertilization, and this will also give rise to new seeds of the same species.

Finally, you will get the entire summary of the chapter at the end of the course, and this will help you to get the brief view of the different concepts explained in the chapter. This is ideally suited for revision activities during the examination time.

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