It is that time of the year when festive spirit is in the air and the holidays are approaching soon along with the summer months, here in Australia. With Thanksgiving and Christmas arriving soon it is the season of gifting and spending quality time with family and friends.

It is easy to gift adults the usual standard gifts that a departmental store has on display right in front to help you save time and efforts. However, what are the gifting options for children, especially toddlers who are no longer babies and not entirely grown up either. It is quite a mammoth task deciding what to gift little kids.

We help make the process easier by suggesting a few toys and games that can be gifted to the children this festive season.

Things that can be gifted to children this festive season

  • Building toys

Any kid, and sometimes even adults, can never have enough of building blocks and toys. Step into any hobby or toy store or simply buy lego online Australia as the perfect gift for a child. Not for nothing is Lego so famous among adults and children alike, in fact there is the famed Lego city and many fan clubs dedicated to the Lego toys. This is because these toys can be played with by any age group, of course with the difficulty level increasing at the older age bracket. Kids and adults alike can spend hours as they bond over building amazing new models and giving wings to their imagination too. In fact, did you know that building blocks are considered the number one toy suitable for toddlers? It helps them get familiar with shapes, colours, sizes, spatial arrangements, pulling apart and joining things together, following a design or set of instructions and creating, all on their own, which can keep them occupied for hours.

  • Books

The art of reading is becoming rare now and we must ensure that in this age of laptops, iPads and e-books we must encourage our young ones to read and appreciate actual, hardbound books too. Books open up a whole new world for the children and provide them with information about a host of topics and things. The festive season is a good time to gift them books about the holidays, its history and why these are celebrated. Books too can be used for years to come and are great gifting option that will inculcate a love for reading in the children.

  • Puzzles

Do you remember the number of hours you spent piecing together a favorite jigsaw puzzle and that was your favorite thing to do during the entire holiday season?Or, was that a pet project that gave you something to talk about for days on end? Puzzles are still a hit with kids as in the earlier days and additionally help develop various skills too like cognitive skills, logic and reasoning, social skills when working with others to solve the puzzles and fine motor skills to in the young ones.

  • Pretend play toys

There are a lot of pretend play toys which are a wonderful gifting option whether it is a shopping cart or supermarket set or a tea party set or a doctor’s set or a construction worker’s toolkit or even a mini farm setup. Pretend play toys have their own unique appeal.

And last but not the least, give the children the best gift ever, and that is the gift of your time. They will cherish it forever along with the goodies that you got them.

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