You would probably want to carry your firearm without making it look obvious. Since many states have concealed carrying of firearm laws, you need to buy a holster that hides away your weapon without causing discomfort. The best solution in such case is an inside waistband or a below waistband holster. Besides concealing, holsters also safeguard your firearm, allow easy access and secure retention.

Choose your perfect holster

You need to consider a few points before settling for the right holster-

  1. a) Your Body Type
  2. b) Your firearm model
  3. c) Position of concealment

Based on above, here we read how to find the right one –

Inside Waistband – This type of holster is worn inside the waistband and rides between the undergarment and pants/skirt. They are fastened to the belt by clips to securely hold the firearm in place. Materials used are mostly leather, Kydex, suede, nylon etc. for a hindrance-free quick draw, re-holstering, and long lasting durability. IWB holsters provide deep concealment conforming to your body structure making them comfortable to carry. Some are designed to hold a wide variety of firearms, or feature multiple slots.

If you look around carefully, you will find holsters that are especially crafted for fulfilling the needs of specific models of firearms. The most popular holsters in this category are Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe Holster, Cross Breed Mini Tuck Holster, Multi Holsters Elite, Comp-Tac MTAC, Galco King Tuk, to name a few.

Below Waistband – Named as they are worn inside the pants and below the belt, these are mostly pouches or fanny bags. Since these types of holsters are meant to be worn below the waistband, they ensure deep concealment without the threat of printing through clothes. With these holsters, the trigger of the weapon remains inaccessible while drawing it out. These are usually made up of leather or denim for a chic look and easy maintenance. Cherries Deep Concealment Holster and Urban Carry Holster are mentionable in this category.

Both IWB and BWB are available online for purchase and you may browse through the trusted websites like Omaha Outdoor for Cross Breed Super Tuck Holster and many more. Buying online is hassle free since you have the option to filter your choice based on the type of firearm you own, your drawing side, choice of color and material, etc. – all from within the comforts of your home.

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