How Recommendable Is The 2020 Ford Edge Crossover?

With the release of the 2020 model year edition of its Edge series, Ford made its presence felt again in the segment of crossover SUVs. But this mark is because of the unique body style of the 2020 Edge that has taken the word crossover literally by splitting up the differences of having the flavor of falling into the category of compact cars and the spirit of mid-size, luxury SUV that offers a good value for its buyers. 

At the popular Ford dealer Calexico showroom, we found the 2020 Ford Edge standing with its own unique character as a compact SUV crossover, combining the best of both the worlds. As a result, the buyers will get to enjoy  the comfort of a compact family car, power and performance of an SUV, and a lengthy host of impressive tech features all offered at a price that can be afforded by a large section of prospective buyers. 

Changes Done for the Year 2020

With all the refreshment done on the series of Edge lineup, little scope is left for the year 2020 make any significant difference. But that doesn’t imply that there isn’t going to be anything new. So, the 2020 edition of Ford Edge will now have a dual-zone climate control on all its trim models as a standard feature.

On the other hand the Titanium Elite package will enhance the overall appearance of the 2020 Ford Edge with new pairs of 20-inch polished wheels for the exterior while the interior dresses up with fine leather upholstery and chrome accents.

Performance Oriented Powertrain 

Upgrades in the front of performance done last year gives the Ford Edge series an extra edge on its capability in handling the ill-mannered roads. Thanks to the abundant 250-horsepower derived from a turbo-4 engine. But if you are still greedy about having more horsepower you can pump it higher to 335-hp by installing a twin-turbo engine. But for that you need to go for the ST trim that can speed up to 60 mph from a dead stop in less than 6 seconds. 

Fuel economy with these powertrain options can return you an EPA rating of 21 to 24 mpg from a combined trip of city and highway drives.

Feature Package Offered

Queuing up as SE, SEL, Titanium, and ST trim models, the 2020 Edge is both affordable while catering the affluent class with its range topping exquisite trim features. So if you choose the Titanium model, you are eligible to enjoy the refinement of a cabin that is wrapped in fine leather and dressed up in chrome trim while loads of advanced tech features will take care of your convenience and safety. 

To keep the occupants engaged, Ford has installed a big touchscreen for the infotainment section that offers smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Other connectivity features include Bluetooth and navigation as standard. 

Auto experts whom we met at a showroom of Ford dealership near Calexico calls the 2020 Ford Edge as one of the most recommendable crossovers till date. 

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