Flights may be cancelled or delayed due to multiple reasons such as bad weather, technical problems or other problems that may arise unexpectedly. Although airlines and the concerned authorities are not to be blamed for all this however passengers have to suffer a lot due to cancelled or delayed flights. The time and energy of the passengers that is wasted due to cancelled or delayed flights can’t be regained back. But they can surely get some compensation in lieu of cancelled or delayed flights under certain laws such as Eu flight delay compensation or Eu flight cancellation compensation. Here are some tips to make claim for reimbursement.

Know the reason for cancellation or delay- First of all, you need to know the reason for cancellation or delay of your flight. It is because you can make claim for the compensation only when there is some valid reason for the cancellation or delay of the flights.

Collect details of the flight and your ticket– You must collect details of the flight as well as your air-tickets so as to make claim for the delay or cancellation of the flight. It helps in easing the entire process as the concerned authorities may refund the money or make compensation in some other form by having all the details.

Contact the concerned authorities- Different types of authorities or custom officers may be operating at different places that help passengers to get reimbursement for the cancelled or delayed flights. You can contact them and know the entire procedure.

Make claim- Finally, you have to make claim by making available all the information with you to the concerned authorities. You can make claim for delayed or cancelled flight through the mode of internet as it is an easy and time-saving mode.

Following these simple tips, you can make claim and ask for compensation for the delayed or cancelled flights and get reimbursement for the same.

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