Workplace ventilation is the kind of thing that gets routinely overlooked by business owners and managers, despite the fact that the importance of fresh air is pretty obvious. It’s generally assumed that as things have been just fine for years, maybe even decades, then chances are there’s nothing wrong with them as they are and no real attention is needed. It’s the old ‘ignorance is bliss’ card that get played quite a lot these days, but the problem with this way of thinking is that while you might indeed get by, you may also be robbing yourself of a series of valuable benefits.

According to the experts at, it’s extremely rare for an existing business to look into the prospect of a new ventilation system until such a time as the need becomes desperate. However, by taking the bull by the horns (proverbially) and being somewhat more proactive on the subject, it’s perfectly possible to bring about a genuinely quantifiable difference to the way the business runs as a whole.

So, with this in mind, here’s a brief introduction to just some of the benefits you may find open up to you with something as simple as a new workplace ventilation system:

1 – Improved Output

First of all, it’s a well-documented fact that when an employee or workforce in general is provided with a comfortable working environment, overall output and efficiency take a huge step in the right direction. This is just one of the reasons why good ventilation is important as maintaining an ideal working environment isn’t only about the temperature of the air, but also its freshness. Making sure your employees are as comfortable as possible is a sure-fire way of improving overall output and making a big difference to profitability for the business in general.

2 – Improved Employee Wellbeing

Still on the subject of the workforce, not only are comfortable and well cared-for employees less likely to get sick on the job, they’re also less likely to lose morale and ultimately lose interest in what they’re doing. Hot, sticky and generally unpleasant workplaces tend to be hotbeds of employee sickness, where it’s simply impossible to keep good control over general wellbeing and motivation. As such, for the sake of your workforce’s health and also to keep employee turnover rates down to absolute minimums, you must seriously consider ventilation quality.

3 – Lower Energy Bills

The hotter any given workplace is, the more effort is needed to keep things like essential machinery, computers and indeed the employees within at a safe and sensible temperature. More often than not this means keeping the air conditioning at a high enough setting to battle the stifling heat, which in turn means using a rather unholy amount of energy to make it happen. Air conditioners are known to put massive pressure on monthly energy usage for businesses across the board, meaning far larger bills than would otherwise be necessary. With a great ventilation system in place, things stay much cooler across the board and thus demand less energy-dependant cooling methods.

4 – Reduced Carbon Footprint

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which businesses these days are being judged in accordance with the environmental friendliness more than ever before, with harsh penalties flying the way of those that aren’t making the necessary efforts to cut their carbon footprints. As mentioned above, using an excessive amount of energy to keep a workplace cool is guaranteed to increase the business’ carbon footprint, which is something that could be avoided or at least reduced with a quality ventilation system in place. Help save the planet while saving money at the same time – it’s a win-win situation.

5 – Risk Reduction

Last but not least, it’s also safe to say that the hotter and stuffier any given workplace is, the higher the likelihood of any given piece of machinery or equipment overheating and catching fire. There’s much to be said for modern safety systems that generally prevent this kind of thing from happening, but at the same time there’s no better protection than making sure things stay as cool as possible in the first place. A good ventilation system is always a good place to start, especially in environments where heavy machinery and computer equipment are used on a constant basis at all hours of night and day.

Get in touch with a leading ventilation and extraction brand today for more information on how the right systems can bring incredible benefits to any modern business.

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