The thrill of winning at an auction by outrunning the other bidders can never fail to excite one. Autograph auctions are no different. Whether it’s ones first time at autograph auctions or a collector on the lookout for an intriguing and interesting item, here are a few tips to help win the next bidding battle.

A) Make sure to do the ground work:

Even if one is not keen on owning the autograph it’s difficult to hold oneself from bidding for it when present in the auction. However it is wise to do the research first before participating in an auction, including the seller’s background. In case of high value autograph it is prudent to gather as much information to help determine the highest reasonable amount to pay. This ensures that the buyer does not regret his/her decision.

B) Do not place bid until the last few minutes:

It is customary for autograph auctions last anywhere from an hour to a week. If interested in a memorabilia, place the bid only in the last few minutes. This would catch the other bidders by surprise.

C) Indulge in incremental bidding:

One must review and comprehend the bidding process including the rules for minimum bids and bid increments. Incremental bidding helps ensure the interested party is always the highest bidder. Though this is not a fool-proof strategy it helps remain a cut above the competitors.

Remember also to consider the following factors when collecting signed memorabilia and other autographed items:

Personalized autograph – Any paper, photo, poster, prop or movie memorabilia signed for the owner of the item costs lower than those with generalised autograph.

Inscription – An autographed item inscribed with words or references like any specific winning game, a TV show episode or a quotation may have a higher value compared to one with signed with just the name or signature of the personality or public figure. It is also worthwhile to check the condition of the autograph. Those items written in pencil may fade over time and its value depreciates while  those in ink are worth more.

The number of signatures – In case of sports teams or movie cast, a single item signed by the whole team or film crew normally has a lower value compared to a single-signed item as they are more desirable.

When considering autograph auctions it is best to opt for professional organizations because

Reputed organizations uphold rigid standards of professionalism and integrity.

A company of repute has a recognized authority on autographs and their authentication.

Frequent exposure and interaction with national audiences make it imperative for such organizations to always indulge in fair deal thereby enhancing the reputation of the company.

Reputable entertainment memorabilia sellers make it a point to hand-sign their COAs or Certificates of Authenticity.

Such organizations would readily refund any item to any customer with no time limit should they reasonably feel that the dealer sold them an autograph that is not authentic.

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