One Way Taxis From Delhi To Jalandhar: A Better Choice

Jalandhar is an ancient north-Indian city in the state of Punjab. The city has several historical places to visit. One of the most ancient and insanely popular places to visit in Jalandhar is the Devi Talab Mandir. Jalandhar is a popular city in the state of Punjab and is bordered by two major cities of Amritsar and Ludhiana.

You can go to Jalandhar either by roadways, railways or airways. Jalandhar has a railway station of its own known as the Jalandhar Junction if you choose to go by train. However, the city doesn’t have an airport of its own and Amritsar airport serves as the nearest airport to the city. If you want to go by road, several buses and taxis go by road to Jalandhar. Let’s find out more about one-way taxi from Delhi to Jalandhar. 

One way taxis provide one-day rental cars across different cities. A one way taxi from Delhi to Jalandhar includes pickup from any location in Delhi city or the Delhi airport and a drop off at any given location in the city of Jalandhar. One way taxi is a good plan for those who plan a stay in Jalandhar for more than a day. A roundtrip taxi to Jalandhar would charge the stay of the driver at Jalandhar in your fare which makes it cost more than a one-way taxi. 

One way taxis are of two types, share cans and the cans dedicated for you. A shared cab takes more than one person/family according to the suited time and destination. On the other hand, a cab dedicated to you would mean that only you and your family would travel.

Some things you should know before booking a taxi

  • A one way taxi would charge you 100% of the fare for one way/ reaching the destination and 0% – 25% – 50% (depending on the distance, the plan, site you’re booking from and several other factors) of the round trip.
  • Taxi charges DON’T include the toll tax and interstate taxes and you’re supposed to pay them on the way.
  • A one-way trip costs are significantly less than what you would have to pay for a destination and back trip if you plan to stay for more than two days.
  • The distance between Delhi and Jalandhar is approximately about 369 km, and it takes at least 6 hours to reach Jalandhar from Delhi.
  • The car fare depends on a variety of factors including the distance to be travelled, the destination to reach, roads in between the pickup and drop off points, the car you want to rent (renting fare is less for mini cars and more for sedans and SUVs).

Above were a few points you must know before renting a one way taxi from Delhi to Jalandhar. Also, keep in mind the basic renting rules to always check the car physically before finalizing the deal, and it is always better to get a written document of the deal to avoid any conflicts in future.

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