Having a job in the foreign country is quite exciting. Once you get a job there, you definitely find a place to live. If you have planned to live there forever, you are going to need a permanent residence there. Today, Australia is getting hugely popular among the job seekers who want to work abroad and settle there. And for that, you need permanent residency visa in Australia. But, while applying for this, you need to follow certain rules and regulations based on the immigration system of the country. Usually, the immigration system allows your permanent residency visa in Australia, based on the score of the individuals that they get from the key factors, like age, education, english language proficiency, work experience and so on.

What Are the Key Benefits of PR in Australia?

Having PR in Australia is really amazing as you will get lots of benefits from that. What are those? Let’s find out-

  • With immigration permanent residency in Australia, you are allowed to work in Australia and also live there.
  • If you meet all criteria, you will get the visa for five years which enables you to visit the country at any time and leave it when your work is done there.
  • If you stay there on the PR status for a few years, you can also apply for permanent citizenship.
  • Once you become a permanent resident, you can enjoy several rights like the Australian citizens. You can access for free subsidized health and legal services.
  • You can also sponsor your relatives in Australia once they have the assurance of support requirements and fulfill all criteria.
  • If you have Australian PR status, you are allowed for Australian consular assistance in overseas.
  • With PR status in Australia, you can also get the approval from the New Zealand Government to travel, visit, study or work in that country.
  • If your kids born inside Australia they will be considered as an Australian citizen by birth.

So, if you are on the boat to get Australian PR status, you will be benefitted by these norms.

What Are the Documents You Need to Get Australian PR?

Having Australian PR will help you a lot to be in the country and work here. But, you need to have certain documents to assure you’re staying over there-

Know Your Key Documents

While applying for PR in Australia, you are going to need to keep all your vital documents handy. Besides having routine travel and educational documents, there are two most important papers you need to keep with you-

  • Results of English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS)
  • Skill assessment report by a significant assessing authority

You Need the Appropriate Visa

You need to check out the visa category while applying for PR in Australia. The common PR visa categories are-

  • Subclass 189 (non-sponsored)
  • Subclass 190 (State nominated visa)
  • Subclass 186 (employer nominated visa)

Apart from these particular documents, you are also going to need to select your occupation, provide health and character certificates, etc. So, working in Australia won’t remain a dream anymore. You can readily turn it into a sweet reality.

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