Canada remains one of the favorite destinations for individuals willing to migrate to a new country and settle there. The country has soft immigration policies, high rate of employment and a perfect standard of living that is ideal to bring up a family.

If you are also among those who are interested in Canada migration, it is necessary that you are well informed about the different categories of Visa that are available. We have a handy list for you!

Popular Visa Categories in Canada

Permanent Visa

Permanent residency visa is offered to skilled, talented and qualified workers that are overseas. Some of the benefits that are enjoyed by a permanent resident are:

  • They can live, study or work anywhere in Canada.
  • They are also eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.
  • They receive social benefits such as health care and others that are received by the Canadian citizens.
  • They are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian law.

Study Visa

The study visa allows an individual to enjoy several benefits. The country has a world class education system and is regarded as the leader in language training around the world. The quality of life style at the campus is excellent; it includes sports facilities, that are Olympic-standard. It has great art galleries as well as public concert halls. There are a number of innovative research facilities as well.

Visit Visa

Canada immigration consultants will tell you that tourist visa is one of the most popular visas of the country. Canada is a great place that is visited by a number of visitors for different purposes such as studies, business, or tourism. Use your visit visa to enjoy the landscape beauty and mesmerizing locations, to enjoy exciting outdoor activities such as Kayaking, Skiing, Hiking, Climbing etc and to enjoy an excellent style of living.

Working Visa

The government of Canada encourages individuals to work legally in the country. And this is possible if you apply for the relevant visa. There are different visa programs that are available for different kind of employees such as skilled professionals, and the ones skilled in manual work. These are:

  • Federal skilled workers program
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canadian experience program

Working holiday Visa

The Canada working holiday visa is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to gain work experience while they are on a short-term holiday to the country. An individual aged 18 to 30 years or 18 to 35 (depending on the nationality) years are eligible for this visa. The visa gives you an exciting experience of supporting your expenses while you are on a holiday.

Business Visa

There are several reasons that make Canada an ideal destination for doing business and making investments. The programs in this category are self-employed persons program, start-up visa program, Quebec business immigration program, Provincial nominations programs and the immigrant investor venture capital pilot program. There are different eligibility conditions for each one of them.

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