The Emirate of Sharjah, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, has long preserved its unique identity and kept its own traditions to date.

Sharjah – the third-largest city in the UAE – has many tourist attractions to explore: from its charming beaches and cultural heritage museums to its galleries and exciting wildlife. The emirate is also famous for its public parks and many popular sights such as the Heart of Sharjah, Al Majaz Waterfront and Mleiha Archaeological Centre, among many others.

You can live and reside in Sharjah, or at least take a trip to enjoy the city, which is an ideal destination for the whole family. So, hurry up, pack your bags, and prepare to explore the most important milestones of Sharjah, some of which are included below.

Eye of the Emirates

‘Eye of the Emirates’ is the most visible landmark in Sharjah. The 60-metre wheel is largest of its kind in the Middle East with its air-conditioned cabins enabling visitors to enjoy the sights and take photos at sunset.


The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has recently relocated the iconic wheel from its home at Al Qasba to Al Montazah Park in order to provide an even more panoramic view and allow a larger number of residents and visitors to enjoy the beautiful views from the wheel cabins.

The Blue Souk

The Blue Souk is one of the most popular tourist and commercial destinations in Sharjah. It is a large indoor market near Khalid Lagoon, which attracts UAE residents as well as tourist groups from all over the world.  

The market derives its name from the amazing blue roof which also makes it a perfect example of modern Islamic architecture. The Blue Souk consists of two main buildings with a distinctive architectural design, interconnected by two bridges and eight blocks. One of these buildings is located on the shore of Khalid Lagoon, while the other overlooks King Faisal Street.

Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium attracts many visitors every year thanks to its 250 species of sea life. The sophisticated planning of the water park enables you to explore underwater worlds above and below the surface.

Sharjah’s only aquarium offers a variety of water sports, green spaces and modern design, as well as a host of safety and protection services.

Sharjah Museums

For those looking for historical and cultural attractions, Sharjah Museums offer an unparalleled experience. The city boasts 16 locations that cover various types of Islamic arts, culture, archeology, heritage, and aquatic life, which together cover the history of both Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates.

One of city’s most prominent museums is the Sharjah Maritime Museum, which was re-located to a new building in Al Khan and re-opened in 2009. Here, you can explore nearly 700 different marine pieces, some of which date back to over 6,000 years ago.

In addition, you can visit the Sharjah Art Museum, which houses more than 500 artworks of various mediums and techniques, and also the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which is home to thousands of rare and important artifacts that show different aspects of Islamic faith, science, discoveries and culture.

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