In the cold winter season, the use of hot water for shower and bath becomes a necessity. Water heater operates on electricity. So when the price of electricity increases, the cost of operation of water heater also increases. It has been found that water heating is the 3rd largest electricity consuming device at home and constitutes to around 12% of the utility bill. Hence, it is very important to save the consumption of energy at all cost to reduce the utility bill. Mentioned below are some of the beneficial ways to save energy consumption of water heater without compromising on the comfort.

Using Less Water

This is the simplest way to save money. The tip is to use less amount of water. There are older models of showerheads that provide you with the flow rate of 5 gallons of water every minute. New models are available in the market that provides a flow at half that rate with clean and pure water.

Using Less Heat

Using less heat is another proven method to reduce the energy bills. New water heaters are available from the companies with temperatures fixed at 140°. By lowering the water heater temperature by twenty degrees i.e., 120°, you would get a little less warm water, but you will be comfortable. By reducing a few degrees, you can save a lot on energy consumption.

Insulation of the tank

Insulation of the hot water tank needs to be done with great care and skill. Care should be taken not to cover the thermostat. If the water heater works on natural gas or oil, you should not cover the bottom, top, thermostat and burner compartment. It is always better to seek help from a professional tankless water heater repair San Diego to help in this project. The instructions mentioned by the manufacturer on the equipment should be followed properly.

Insulation of the pipe

When the water pipes are insulated then it gives you water that is around 4° hotter than the water provided by un-insulated water pipes.

Installation of Heat Traps

Heat traps are a kind of loops or valves that are designed in a way to stop hot water from coming out of the tank when you do not require it.

Installation of a Timer

Installation of a timer in your water heater is a beneficial idea if you have an electric water heater. Timer is very inexpensive and saves money by turning your device off during night hours.

Need to change the Water Heater yearly

Flushing the sediment from the hot water heater once in a year also helps you save the energy consumed on its operation.

Water heater is not a luxurious and enjoyable experience, but also very essential in winter season. Though the use of water heater can give a hard blow to your monthly expenditure, adopting these simple and easy ways can help you save a lot on the expense and allow you to use it always without any difficulty.

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