Summer has arrived!  The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising.  It is time to pull out your summer wear and head to the beach for some fun in the sun.  Get your beach body on and find those rays of sunshine to brown your winter skin. Everything is better and everyone is happier when it is summertime.  Time to call your friends and arrange a trip to the beach. If you’re close by, a day trip is a great escape, otherwise find a place to go to for the weekend where you can relax and unwind.  When packing for a day at the beach, don’t leave home without these essential items packed in your beach bag. 

Something to play a bit of sport in

While you will most certainly have bought a new bikini to wear on the beach this summer, you might want to go for a bodyboard or play a bit of frisbee or touch rugby on the beach.  Women’s rash vests are a great item to have on the ready for just these moments when you need to bounce around and not worry about exposing yourself.

Something to put on your feet  

Flip flops are a must, even though you’ll be spending most of your time on the beach, have them with you in case you need to use the public bathroom, walk over stony pathways to get to the beach or go exploring on the rocks and in the rock pools.  Everything is a fashion accessory, and it’s fun to choose a pair that is fun and goes with your look, but it must not be too be expensive because next year you’ll want something fresh for the new summer.

Something to put on your head

Pack a hat to protect you from the sun, you can wear your hat when you’re frolicking in the waves or playing on the beach.  Hats can be fun but keep it practical, you don’t want your hat to blow away and it will very likely get squashed and full of sand, so don’t bring anything that you’re sentimental or protective over

Something to cover your eves

The glare off the sand and waves can be difficult after a while at the beach.  Bring a pair of sunglasses to wear and, as mentioned before, don’t bring your most valuable pair because they could drop into the water, fall into the sand or get squashed under the towels.  Sunglasses also protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. Try to get polarised sunglasses as these are the best protection for your eyes.

Something to sit under

Bring a nice big umbrella to give you plenty of shade.  It is good to have a place to escape too when you’ve had a fair bit of time in the sun and need a break.  It is also an easy way of avoiding the heat of the sun and the burn of the rays without not needing to miss out on the fun on the beach.