Arthritis is another term for inflammation of the joint and the inflammation causes joint pains.  The problem can occur in virtually all the joints in the body, including the ones around the wrists and hand. The series of manifestations of the joint pains are highlighted below:

  • Pain sensation
  • Tingling sensation
  • Cramping
  • Numbness
  • Discomfort
  • Movement difficulty

The most common forms of arthritis affecting the hand and wrist areas are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Dislocation or fracture can also cause problems in the hands and wrist areas. In this write-up, you will have the opportunity to read more about hand and wrist pain symptoms.

Causes of hands and wrist pain   

Day-to-day use of the hands and wrist leads to wear and tear in this area, and this can cause pain in these parts of the body. The sprains and repetitive hand motions in this area cause pain, the same goes for a work injury, sporting activities, and the aging process. Certain diseases, like gout, diabetes or carpal tunnel can also lead to hand and wrist pain.  Inflammation of the ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and bones can equally lead to the problem.

The symptoms of hand and wrist pain

The consistent use of the hands and wrists means that pains in this area are very common. An understanding of the symptoms will let you know when you are having hand and wrist pain. Read more about hand and wrist pain symptoms from the highlights below:

You will feel pain in the joints of your hands when you grip a doorknob or lift an object. This form of pain can start from the elbow and radiate down to the wrist. It can lead to tendon pain and make hand movement a lot more difficult than before.

The problem can begin within the swelling and thickening of the fingers and sheathe that cover the wrist. This thickening makes it challenging to move the hands.

  • A shifting or clicking sound when you move the wrist or fingers.
  • Writers’ cramp is yet another symptom; it makes typing or writing to be difficult.
  • The appearance of a bump on the wrist.  The bump is called a ganglion cyst by medics.
  • Problem with moving the wrist and hand. The joint may also become swollen
  • Stinging sensation, hurt, coldness, hotness, stiffness or even tiredness of the hands and wrists.  

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