The Best Education Applications For Children

Your kid’s education does not need to halt after they arrive home from school or during the holidays. The following games designed for Android devices, iPad, and iPhones will keep the child’s mind active when out of the classroom. You can also buy assignment online on this topic if you want to know more about it.

Elmo Loves 123s

This App is excellent, and it helps children recognize and count numbers between 1 and 20, perform simple subtraction and addition, and trace numbers.

Cookie Monster’s Challenge

In this App, children assist the cookie monster to get cookies by guiding him through challenges and mini-games. The game develops children’s memory and teaches them problem-solving, focus, and self- control.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

This App inspires upcoming young engineers. It teaches children the basics of animation and allows them to create their animated GIFs.

Fish School HD

This App is suitable for pre-schoolers. It teaches pre-school children colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in the undersea environment.

Stack the States

This App helps children to learn US state shapes, their capitals, and abbreviations. Besides, children tap the location of states to finish the entire country.

Habitat the Game

This App teaches children to take care of the environment. The game features a polar bear that must finish real-world activities such as conserving water and turning lights off to maintain the health of creatures.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

This App has more than 180 logic puzzles that range from complex games to simple matching with multi- touch actions, mazes, and obstacles.

ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast

This App features, Otto the Octopus and Amanda. The child will help the two characters to resolve mysteries by finishing academic riddles and puzzles.

Dexteria Dots 2

This App will help children enjoy practicing math and improve motor skills. Here the dots represent numbers, and players divide and join them to solve problems.

The Sight Word Adventure

This App assists children in writing, read, and recognize 320 sight words. The App taps the children’s love for hide-and-seek, hence helping them practice the cognitive skills required to remember them.

Green Eggs and Ham

This App highpoint the text as the narrator reads. Children will enjoy reading and interacting with objects on each page by touching them to reveal the associated words.

Plants by Tinybop

With this App, children can discover wildlife. They can engage in activities such as speeding up time to see how seasons influence flora or crash clouds to create lightning.

Crayola Color, Draw & Sing

This App enables children to take creativity to higher levels, and children select a song to listen to as they work. Every action, such as choosing new colors and scribbling with crayons, unlocks new features or instruments.

Balloony Word

This App features hangman like game. It helps children to practice spelling skills and learn vocabulary.

The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms and Sparky

This App teaches children the basics of safety. This interactive eBook follows Dalmation and friends investigating a mystery before the opening of the smoke alarm factory.

School Zone Time, Money & Fractions On-Track

This App features animated characters and fun sound effects in understanding coins, and reading a clock with hands.


This App allows you to download popular children’s chapter books and pictures such as Amelia Bedelia, Big Nate, Nancy Drew, and Flat Stanley.

Vocabulary Spelling City

The spelling App allows children to select diverse groups such as compound words and sound alike for their grade level. The child then picks an activity he or she would like to do, such as putting words in alphabetic order, spelling tests, and unscramble letters.

Thinking Blocks Multiplication

The App assists children to utilize number blocks to determine multiplication word problems.

Number Run

This App is a temple run for mathematics. In this, game children assist panda to escape a bully by calculating division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition problems.

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

It is an offshoot of common subscription video series offering one 3-minute video on a weekly free.

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