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Top 7 Home Renovation Trends For 2021

With daily commutes suspended, offices closed, and everyone trying as much as they can to stay indoors, many homeowners have been using the extra free time to make their homes better. We have seen various home improvements from better landscape designs, decorations, and green solutions, all aimed at improving efficiency and flow in the home. Some of the top home renovation trends for 2021 include:

Rooms Get A New Breath of Life

Many homeowners have taken to converting underutilised spaces and rooms into recreational and entertainment rooms, giving them a new life. With most of us spending lots of time indoors, the repurposed rooms help keep everyone occupied and entertaining, allowing us to appreciate life despite the pandemic.

More Work-From-Home Sanctuaries

The pandemic has made many people realise the need to have a work-from-home sanctuary, complete with all that is required to get some work done. Many have thus transformed part of their bedrooms, and extra spaces in the living rooms, into a home office. This trend has been on the rise, with many people building the ideal home-office structures in their backyards and garages. Double glazing in Hampshire offers locals the upgrade that double glazing windows offer.

Purpose-Built Multigenerational Homes

Two families living under the same roof is now the new normal in the post-Covid world. The idea of sharing a home without invading each other’s privacy is an excellent idea, especially for those looking to see through the pandemic economically. Some homeowners have even taken it a notch higher to create purpose-built multigenerational homes to monetise the extra space. Sharing living spaces help bring the cost of living exponentially, as most of the bills are shared.

Integration of Green Solutions

With everyone indoors, energy and water bills are deemed to rise. For this reason, many homeowners are switching to more eco-friendly solutions to not only bring their bills down but also save the environment. Many people are thus investing in renewable energy sources (solar) and harvesting rainwater for use in the house. There is also a rising trend of homeowners undertaking HVAC and insulation upgrades to make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

We have always loved the idea of bringing the outdoor look and feel outdoors. This trend has continued to thrive even in 2021, with homeowners designing their homes to create a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors. All this has been made possible thanks to large folding and sliding glass doors. The glass doors allow one to enjoy the outdoor view while still enjoying the comfort of your home.

Create Bathroom Sanctuaries

Staying indoors for extended periods can be nerve-wracking. The bathroom can be a welcome, haven especially when looking to have some quiet time alone. That said, homeowners have started investing heavily in their bathrooms, fitting them with nice fixtures to make them as comfortable as possible. With these installed, you can be assured of restful moments while soaking in the warm water.

Larger Tiles

Homeowners are slowly appreciating the visuals and aesthetics that come with installing larger tiles. According to experts on Houzz, the large tiles have minimal visual clutter with fewer grout lines. Classic patterns in larger tiles, such as stacked, herringbone, and brick, are also making a comeback. When installed correctly, these tiles produce a lush look and feel, giving your home the facelift it so much needs.

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