What Is A General Contractor And When Do I Need One?

General Contractor

Did you know that around 13 million people are injured in home repair accidents each calendar year? That’s a stat that you don’t want to be part of, which is why you need to consider outsourcing bigger, more dangerous home projects altogether.

The first step in hiring someone to do a home repair job for you is finding a general contractor to help manage the project. But what is a general contractor exactly? And do you actually need one for your home renovation?

If you’re looking for the answers to these two questions, look no further, because we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll break down what general contractors do and how they can help you during a home renovation project. We’ll also help you decide if you need one for your renovation, or if you can handle planning the entire thing yourself.

What Is a General Contractor?

So, what exactly is a general contractor, anyway? And what all do they handle? Well, a general contractor is someone that handles the execution of construction projects.

A general contractor will ensure that everything, from the planning of the project to hiring people to do the job, is done properly and on time. On top of that, they’ll make sure that everyone has what they need, especially subcontractors, as well as confirm that the job is being done safely.

General contractors have a great deal of expertise and useful connections. That’s means that they can help you plan for and complete larger construction projects.

They’re also familiar with your area’s rules and regulations, which means you can get something built legally using a general contractor.

Do I Need a General Contractor?

Deciding whether or not you need a general contractor depends on your project and how complex it is. If there are multiple areas in which you’re not comfortable or familiar with what you’re doing, odds are it’s a good idea to invest in a general contractor.

Does your project require you to hire more than one subcontractor? For example, will you need an electrician and an HVAC technician to get the renovation done? If the answer is yes, it’s most likely too large of a project for you to handle without a general contractor leading the way. 

At worst, we recommend that you contact a general contractor before starting a project to at least see what they can do for you. You can even visit if you’re working on roofing, siding or windows, to get a quote today.

Still, Need Help Finding a General Contractor?

What is a general contractor? Now you know the answer!

Remember, failure to get a general contractor can lead to you or someone working on your home getting seriously injured. That, combined with having to handle permits and regulations yourself, makes hiring a general contractor more than worth it.

Need more help planning for and completing your home renovation project? Check back with our blog daily, as we’re always talking about useful home remodeling tips and tricks that you can use to bring your idea to life.

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