She’s the reigning queen of the TV chef dynasty, with her seemingly effortless, and always eatable, recipes which inspire even the most ardent non-cooks into action – but although Nigella loves to bend food rules, there’s one thing she’s a real stickler for, which is never to mix cutlery and a comfy sofa.

Do we know why?

Is this strictly followed habit born out of practicality – after all it’s not easy to balance a plate on your knees and cut food without half of it slipping away – or etiquette. However, as Nigella admits food in bowls, which can be eaten with a spoon or fingers, is totally acceptable, it would appear her concern is more about the potential for mess, than about the social implications of a meal spent absorbed watching TV.

What about the lack of communication?

Nigella claims that given the choice she would always prefer to eat at a table, as that allows her to really focus on, and enjoy, the food; whether she’s got guests or not seems to be irrelevant, . No doubt there are people out there who wring their hands over the decline of a family evening meal round the table – those precious and unique opportunities for family to connect and communicate stolen by the widescreen with surround sound, but for Nigella it’s as important to give time and attention to your food.

The best of both worlds?

If soup seems too slippery and veg sticks with hummus have limited appeal, why not solve the conundrum by using a padded lap tray? It’s a simple and perfect solution for snacks in front of the TV but also for eating meals that actually do better with s knife and fork. Use your cutlery with confidence – lose those fears of something slipping, sliding or shooting off your plate. You can even have them personalised by a company such as, turning an everyday activity into a safer, easier, and generally more pleasant experience altogether.

There’s nothing cosier than an evening by the fire, and one of Nigella’s classic supper dishes complete with cutlery on your lap tray. Whether you are alone or with many others, watching TV or simply lost in the moment, do tuck in, for Nigella it’s the food that always will be centre stage.

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