As per science, plants and trees also come under the category of living beings. It means trees are also like human beings in many respects and need proper care and maintenance. Also these are prone to suffer from certain diseases or other issues similar to human beings. Hence they need apt treatment and sometimes surgical treatments as well so as to make sure that these are saved against any harm. Like human beings have doctors and surgeons for any types of medical health similarly trees and plants have surgeons or arboriculturalists such as tree surgeons Essex. These are the professionals that help in ensuring overall well-being and maintenance of the trees in the most excellent manner possible. Let us now have a look at the jobs that are accomplished by a tree surgeon.

Planting of the trees- Although trees can even be planted by a normal gardener also however tree surgeons are specialized in this job. It is because tree surgeons are well-aware about all the aspects of tree planting such as the type of soil, fertilizers and amount of water required. Also they know well about the depth at which specific type of trees or plants need to be planted for their healthy and good growth. Hence tree surgeons perform an important task for society by planting of trees and plants at public places, parks, gardens or even in homes or such other places owned by the people.

Inspections and surveys- The tree surgeons are also responsible for carrying out inspections and surveys for trees and plants planted at various places. It is done so as to assess the health of trees so that useless and infected or diseased trees and plants may be removed. Even tree surgeons help governments to carry out surveys from point of view of pollution-free environment or to get timber for certain purposes.

Maintenance– Tree surgeons also help in maintenance of trees and plants at various places such as gardens, public parks, homes or other places. It is done by cutting, pruning, crowning and such other techniques that are used for trees. All this is required to remove the abnormal growths on the trees so that the same may not cause any harm to anyone. Tree surgeons also help in felling of old trees so that new plants or trees may be planted in their place.

Pest control– Trees are attacked by certain types of pests that may ultimately result in damage to the base as well as other structures of the trees. The professionals such as tree surgeons Essex help in control of pests. It is done by using pesticides or such other medicines that help in treatment, prevention as well as killing of the pests. This in turn aids in saving the affected trees as well as those surrounding the same. Ultimately, any harm to the environment due to spreading of infectious diseases is also prevented.

These are some of the important jobs or tasks performed by tree surgeons. Although these may seem to be easy and simple however such jobs require expertise and considerable experience in the relevant field.

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