A fire in your rental property can be completely devastating for everyone involved and potentially result in the destruction of the home, belongings and even harm or loss of life.
As a landlord, protecting your tenants and your property should be a priority and fire poses a significant risk, especially as rented or shared accommodation such as flats, apartments and HMO’s are around 7 times more at risk of experiencing a fire.

A fire risk assessment can make all the difference, helping to prevent fire from occurring, ensuring that you comply with legal obligations and that your accommodation is fire safe. Here we provide some helpful information and advice on risk assessments for landlords to help you understand why they are so important and should be a top priority.

  • What Is A Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a systematic review of a property to identify potential fire hazards, determine the level of fire risk present and make suggestions for what preventative measures can be put in places.

They must be carried out by a ‘competent person’ who has the adequate skills, knowledge and understanding to sufficiently complete the fire risk assessment on your particular building.

Because there is so much at stake, it is common for landlords, property managers and owners to appoint an experienced specialist to conduct the fire risk assessment on their behalf to ensure it is done to a high standard.

  • Why Are Fire Risk Assessments So Important?

Fire risk assessments are crucial for the protection of landlords, their tenants, property and businesses. Here are just some of the reasons why fire risk assessments are so important;

Fulfil Legal Obligations

Fire risk assessments aren’t merely a suggestion but a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for all premises that aren’t a single private dwelling. Failing to take the necessary steps to protect your tenants from fire related harm by completing a fire risk assessment can result in large financial penalties and even prosecution for landlords if found to be responsible.

Tenant Safety

When it comes to fire safety, nothing is more important the lives of tenants, their guests, the public or anyone visiting the property such as trades people. A fire risk assessment can literally mean the difference between life and death and helps to ensure that vulnerable persons are identified and that everything is done to ensure that everyone can quickly and safely evacuate.

Prevent Fire

One of the top benefits of a fire risk assessment is that it can greatly reduce the chances of a fire occurring. Designed to identify potential hazards and make suggestions for mitigating measures that can be implemented to either greatly reduce or remove them altogether.
Reduces Damage and Loss

Even if everything has been done correctly, a fire can never be prevented 100% of the time and if it does occur then this can be a great loss financially for landlords and tenants. However, fire risk assessments help to put in place changes that mean the response to fire is quicker and more effective due to things such as reduced hazards, fire detection systems, relevant firefighting equipment and fire safety training.

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