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Your Best Guide To Selecting A Colour For Your Suit

The right suit style is of utmost importance, but the colour you choose for your suit – and the pattern, if any – is vital as well. The right colour can definitely give the right impression, and when choosing a colour, you have to consider where you will be using your suit and your suit’s purpose. There are other considerations, besides. A formal suit is generally in a ‘formal’ colour such as black or navy, but if you want something more casual, you can go for a suit with a pattern to give it a unique and individual look. But what else should you consider in terms of colour? Here’s your best guide to selecting a colour for your suit.

A suit for business purposes 

If you are having a suit made or ordering a suit for business, your colour choices, as mentioned, are quite simple and basic – but you still have to make sure that it’s just right. Some standard colours include grey and navy, for instance, and these colours will always be a good option for one simple reason: there aren’t any other colours which can still look smart as well as flatter your skin tone. Black can sometimes be a bit on the harsh side, after all, and brown isn’t really associated with looking smart. Tan is a little bit too casual for business.

The colour you choose should be dark in order for your suit to look businesslike, but it doesn’t always mean that it should be too dark, almost like black. Navy will always be a good choice for a business suit if you don’t want to go wrong. Sometimes, a man can purchase a suit which is too dark (almost like a midnight blue, which is more often used for an evening event), and this colour can make you look pasty and pale. On the other hand, a stronger middle-of-the-line blue (almost like an electric blue) has become increasingly popular, especially for weddings. The colour is too strong for the office, though, especially if you combine it with shoes in a tan colour.

In the end, if you want something that will always be an ideal choice for business, go with navy. It is both serious as well as professional, and it also pairs well not just with black shoes but also with dark brown shoes and looks good with accessories.

Something more professional 

Grey, on the other hand, can also be more professional than navy, but there are two solid grey categories which you can use for business: charcoal grey as well as mid-grey. A charcoal grey suit is professional and sober and works well with fabrics like flannel, whilst mid-grey is kind on the skin tone. If you are looking to create a wardrobe for business, make sure to have bespoke suit colours such as navy, mid-grey, and charcoal grey. And whilst mid-grey may seem a bit adventurous, it will look quite serious when you pair it with a blue shirt, dark brown Oxfords, and a dark tie. If you want it to look more casual, pair it with a white shirt, mid-brown shoes, and a white handkerchief, perfect for the summer. 

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