Engineered hardwood floor is made up of different layers first and the last layer of which is hardwood and in between there are 5-7 layers of plywood crisscross in a different direction. engineered timber flooring is a great way of revamping the look of your house. The process of installing the multi-layered (often 12) wooden planks is not something very expensive. On the other hand, it is extremely beautiful to look at the floor of wood, with its natural shade soothing the eye. The topmost plank of wood is also the thickest plank, meaning that it gives an extra amount of protection to the deeper layers. 

Reasons Why Engineered Timber Flooring is the Best Choice: 

Engineered timber flooring is also known as a floating floor, and is in many ways, the best choice that you can make. 

1. They Increase the Aesthetic Feel of The House: The wooden floating floors are much prettier to look at than the other kinds of floors. They give the rooms a very nature-like feel, and the surface is also much smoother and softer than the other kinds. The floor also gives a very elegant touch to the room, making it look very classy.

2. Increases the Value of The Property: When you install the engineered timber flooring in your house, you are in a way increasing the valuation of your property by many folds. Every change that you make to your property adds to its valuation, either positively or negatively. Installations like wooden floorings or pathways are some of the very innovative things which are responsible for the increased valuation of a piece of land. Also, the timber mostly used is of oak, which, after all, not a very cheap option. Hence, engineered timber flooring can also be seen as an investment plan.

3. Easy on Maintenance: Engineered timber flooring is much better an option than choosing other materials for flooring, as it is natural, and can be cleaned very easily. Timber floorings, on the other hand, can be cleaned very easily and won’t get dirty for a long time also. Thus, for a hassle-free every day, go for engineered timber flooring

Tips While Installing Engineered Timber Flooring: 


Now that you have decided to install engineered timber flooring, you must keep in mind a few small things. 

1. The Polishing Process: The wooden floors need to be polished to give them the color that you like. The shade can be of a dark brown or a very light one. Whatever the shade be, you must specify your desire to the ones who have the job of sanding, as they will work accordingly.

2. Seek Expert Advice If Necessary: You may want to get a certain kind of shade or want the planks of wood in a certain way, but not all the people know about it. In such a case, it is advisable that you ask a professional, flooring expert about what kind of design would suit your house the best.

3. Try Keeping It Clean: Although you do not need to regularly vacuum it or call in experts to get the engineered timber flooring cleaned, it is always good if you can sweep or just mop it once in a week. This will not only make your job easier in future but will also keep the dirt and dust of daily activities at bay. 

So, keeping these in mind, it must not be a problem for you to decide what kind of flooring to choose. So, go ahead and install the engineered wood flooring as and when you like!

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