Kawasaki is the most renowned motorcycle brands since mid-1970s. It is best known for producing bikes with fairings. With the increase in the popularity of the racing motorcycles the demand for fairings also increased. From track to streets the Kawasaki fairings has started to dominate the motorcycle design from early 1980s. In 1984, Kawasaki introduced Kawasaki Ninja and reached pinnacle of motorcycle fairing design. The fairings from Kawasaki are available in revolutionary designs, types and in variety of materials. Some of the reasons that increased the popularity of fairings are:

It Offers Protection from Wind

With the different types of fairings available it becomes easier to stay protected from the harsh wind. At the same time with the fairings installed the natural aerodynamic force gets used reducing the drag and enhancing the functionality of the bike.

Protects the Chassis and Engine

Another common reason of installing fairings in a bike is to protect the chassis and the engine during any crash or accident. It ensures that the body damage is minimal if the bike meets with an accident.

Reduces Aerodynamic Lift

When the fairings are installed just below engine it not only diverts the airflow resulting in the reduction in aerodynamic lift.


Among all the different types of fairings the best is Ninja styles. The reason behind the same is its durability. With superior aerodynamics and flashy designs the fairings are durable and dependable.

Types of Fairings available for Kawasaki Motorcycles

There are a variety of motorcycle fairings available in the market for the Kawasaki brand. Below are the types of fairings those are discussed in details:

Half Fairing

Featuring a windscreen this fairing is projected just below handlebars. The best part about this kind of Kawasaki fairings is that it can get extended to the full fairing using a kit.

Full Fairing

As the name suggests this kind of fairings cover both the upper and lower parts of the motorcycle. This fairing offers protection to a rider from debris and cold wind. Moreover, with the full fairing installed the chassis and engine stays protected during an accident.

Batwing Fairing

This specific fairing is installed to cover the handlebars as well it lies above headlight. With the small windshield this fairing helps in deflecting the wind.

Belly Pan

This type of fairing is generally installed along with the half fairing. The purpose of doing this is to divert air flow outward the engine. The added advantage of installing this fairing is the increase in aerodynamic airflow.

Side Fairing

It is an extremely useful Kawasaki fairings which helps in the protection of the motorcycle body in case the biker needs to lay by the side. It has even proved highly protective during accidents.

Rear Fairing

With the rear type of fairing the biker gets a chance to move through the air smoothly as it helps in the full aerodynamic lift.

Thus, the fairings for motorcycles not only offer a beautiful and classy look to the bike but also offer protection to both the biker and the bike from debris, harsh cold wind and accidents.

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