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New Bedroom Trends To Try In 2020

Decorating your room is always exciting, apart from the amount of work required to make this happen. If you want to try the decorative trends that spell 2020, read on:


Sleep is essential to well-being. However, because of the responsibilities that chase adults like the plague, sleepless nights have become common. If you can relate to this, having plants in your room is perhaps the remedy that you need. As long as you do not have allergies, of course. Plants give off a calm feeling to the people around them. Snake and spider plants are a few indoor plants that have air-filtering abilities. Peace lily, on the other hand, is a flower-bearing plant that filters five toxins out of the air.

Motorised blinds

Huge window panels that are way above your reach can benefit from motorised blinds. With just a voice prompt or button press, your blinds will cover and uncover your window.  

Hotel vibe

More and more people today are turning to designer services like www.myfittedbedroom.com to get the room of their dreams. Hotel-like rooms are a trending theme in achieving a holiday-like ambience without having to go far away. This look includes having headboards upholstered and ensuring a well–lit room.

Pastel colour palettes

Pastel colours are typical bedroom colours, nevertheless they make a beautiful theme. This palette is about being light and easy on the eyes to unload anxiety and stress. It promotes a laid-back vibe that is coloured blush, lavender, dusky pink, and peach.

Minimalist look

If you like sticking with basic designs that withstand the test of time, this look may be for you. Straight lines, natural materials, muted colour palette, and plain earthy colours make up this theme. A less-is-more approach with a little personal touch or statement is the way to go for this look.

Beautifully bright colours

The theme of this look is all about energy. Hints of yellow and tangerine are used in contrast with darker colours to achieve this look. If you desire waking up and being reminded of the exciting day that’s about to come your way, then this look is suggested for you.

Innovative storage within beds

Beds are stationary pieces that do well as reliable storage. Beds with storage spaces can complement modern, rustic, and mid-century bedrooms. This trend is all about function, comfort, and style.

Technical-minded furniture and fixtures

Technology is undeniably part of every day living, and this is not only true because of mobile phone usage. Today, alarm clocks, lamps, beds, and nightstands are smart. They are programmed to be connected to your phone so that you can run them with just a tap of their app. You can make your bed using an app, how cool is that?

Trends may come and go, but your purchases for your bedroom have to be reliable and durable. Otherwise, these purchases will form a list of the bad purchases you’ve made this year. To make sure you trust the quality of your purchase, only go to reputable companies who know their craft.

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