All of us know that doors on construction sites are prone to getting damaged. After the floors they are the second high risk areas on a construction site. The main reason doors get damaged easily is that traffic passes in and out of them non stop throughout the day, and even in the night. As long as the construction continues doors keep receiving abundant traffic. So, damage becomes a certainty at the site where construction work is happening for a prolonged period. Is there a solution to the problem? Yes, this problem can be solved before it goes out of control! Today there are scores of products available that can give temporary protection to the doors till the project draws to a close.

Protection Products That Can Be Tried Out

Companies boast of countless protection products that they claim can cushion even the mightiest impacts that may be faced by the construction engineers and workers. These products are genuine and are invented to really protect the doors, and are not just an eyewash! Now, the biggest risk of damage is posed by the workers on the site. They haul different construction materials using the doors and the doorways. Some of the equipment that’s moved most often is machinery, for example, a wheelbarrow as well as tool belts and the like.

All the doors fitted to the frame call for complete protection, and the one product that provides that temporary protection is Door Sleeves. It is a heavy gauge polythene, white coloured, with three sides sealed. It comes in the form of a roll which the user can easily peel off at the perforation. A sleeve can slide without a great effort over any size and kind of doors. Then the side of the sleeve that is open can be folded over at the hinge side and tape onto itself. Means within just a couple of minutes the door gets enclosed in polythene. It is a pretty easy method of protection which is also very popular these days. Use this method to not allow paint, or dirt to damage your doors.

This is just the basic form of protection that you can give to the doors. But if you want to have additional protection then the flame retardant door protector sheet can come in handy. It’s a corrugated sheet that comes in all standard door-sizes, is very light-weight, waterproof, and can be creased and bent quite easily. Just tape the door sheet onto the sleeve to get the protection that you need.

And as regards to the door frame there are plenty of options in protection materials. You can choose from different cushioned foam door jamb protectors. They provide full impact resistance and ensure 100 per cent protection to the frame. There are an array of other protection materials for doors and doorways which are available for use by construction workers. They can be used on doors and frames, as well as on door handles and fittings. It’s up to you to determine what actually are the requirements and then to make the choice of materials accordingly. 

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