Many people opt for having facelifts because they want to look younger and have better looking skin. However, traditional facelifts are becoming more outdated, due to lifts, such as the LED luminous lift, which doesn’t involve going under the knife. The use of LED has, so far, proven to be revolutionary in the cosmetic industry and will continue to grow in popularity over following years. So, how is LED changing facelifts today?

Traditional Facelifts

The traditional facelifts that we can see on many celebrities either look fantastic or they stand out like a sore thumb. Due to a facelift being an invasive procedure, it means that your face is put at an increased risk of infection, swelling and scarring. If the procedure doesn’t go exactly how you wanted, reversing the process can be difficult as more incisions will need to be made in your face, which will increase infection and scarring immensely and leave you with either more time off of work in order to recover.

LED Luminous Facelift

This innovative treatment is ideal for those who want a replenished and revived feel and look, in addition to help with any damaged or ageing skin. With the procedure only taking half an hour, and with no downtime, this non-invasive procedure allows you to return to normal life shortly after, making it ideal for those with a busy schedule.  

A LED luminous lift is a relaxing treatment and is enjoyable to have. Unlike laser or traditional facelifts, this lift does not cause any pain and has very minimal irritation. During the procedure, you will lie on a bed, with the machine hovered just over your face, and you stay in this position for the 30-minute session. Once the treatment is complete, a serum and SPF will be applied to the treated area, and you can then apply makeup straightaway.

The Power Of Light

The treatment involves a range of different light frequencies, which improve the appearance of your face in different ways. Blue light can reduce any breakouts and calm down acne, due to the antibacterial properties that it holds.  

Red light and near infrared light frequencies, encourages the production of collagen, which leaves your face with a renewed and rejuvenated feel and look. Unlike laser treatments, LED luminous facelifts use an advanced non-ablative light technology, so it is less aggressive and the results are better and clearer.

Are LED Luminious Facelifts The Future?

The use of light from LED, is taking facelifts to a new level. The results are fantastic, and the treatment can treat so many skin problems, making it universal for both men and women. The LED luminous lift can be used on the chest and face, so the flawless look you will have on your face can continue down to your chest. Furthermore, this treatment has multi-purposes, with the different coloured lights focusing on different skin problems; you can have clear skin within no time at all.

LED luminous lifts are increasing in popularity and becoming known widely as a very beneficial treatment. As it is a non-invasive treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of the amazing results, without having to worry about the risk of infection, or even worse, scarring! Try a LED facelift today and see the difference in your skin for yourself.

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