Gone are the days of hard work in field and garden to get well-maintained finishes. In this modern age where computerised farm machinery is getting popular day by day, the old version of slasher or mower is quite basic. Although there are varieties of mowers available in the market, one has to find the most suitable one as per their requirements. So how would you choose the right one? For this, you need to understand the efficiency of each type of mowers discussed below.

On the basis of individual requirements, you can get the right size and range. But it is advisable to go for top models always as it will fetch you the best quality and will be durable too.

Types Of Mower

One of the basic questions that everyone asks is about the different blade type and their uses. Each different type of mowers gives different finishes and grass type. So let us talk about the three main types of cutters and they are the topper, finishing and flail mowers.


One of the widely used mowers is topper that has two blades attached to the blade carrier. This keeps on rotating and allows the blades to top the grass. This type of machine is great for paddock fields, long pasture grounds. The ground where you are using such mower needs to be a little smooth and not uneven so that you get clean cut. The grass finish that comes with topper is very basic and not like a flail or finishing mowers. The grass you will find remains well-trimmed and not with a scattered look.


This type comes with three blades for smooth trim and each blade is attached firmly with the mower and the blade keeps rotating on the hub assembly. If you have a lawn that needs to be done perfectly, opt for finishing mowers. These are also great for sports pitches and can be used for farmhouses that have proper paddocks that have been topped nicely. You can easily adjust the grass height with the help of wheel spacers. The best part is you can have clean and fine cut.


With the use of hammer blades the flail mowers rotates and spins, creating the flail motion. This type of system is ideal for any sort of grasses. Be it coarse and rough or even small saplings, you can expect a flail mower to give you the best results. For larger fields and paddocks, these are immensely used. A professional person in most cases will choose a flail mower as it does the versatile job from cutting long grasses to smaller ones and even hard and rough grasses. With daily use of flail mowers, you can get natural fertilisers from the mulched down grasses. No matter what your ground type is you can use such mower easily. Flail mowers are compact and are thus suitable for smaller spaces as well.

Looking for the best type of slasher or mower? Purchase the right one for you as a wrong buy can waste your hard-earned money.

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