Almost all of us and the manufacturing & trading concerns, in particular, send different items to distant places. The individuals often ship valuable gifts to their relatives or friends while the traders send the commercial items to their counterparts at distant places. Let it be any purpose, the senders should ensure that the consignment reaches the other end on time and safely too.

Those in the process of dispatching anything to some other places should consider as under:

  • Packaging – Person’s shipping to Poland or anywhere else should see that the items that are being dispatched are packed in proper manners. It is useful in preventing the same from any damage during transit. Items dispatched without packing are likely to get scattered and damaged.
  • Labelling – It is wise to display the name & contact details of the sender on the packet containing the items that are being shipped. Likewise, the packaging should be marked with proper address and name of the person or company to whom the items are to be delivered at the other end. Their phone, mobile numbers, and email addresses may also be displayed on all the packets.
  • Choose the carrier – Choose the most feasible shipping method after ascertaining the nature of goods, number of pieces, their weight & dimensions, and the shipment value. Deep thought should be given to special services including time sensitiveness, residential, lift-gate or hazardous etc. This elaborate info would help you in choosing the most favourable carrier for shipping to Poland or to other places.
  • Shipping documents – Be wise to fill out the Bill of Lading correctly as it is the proof of sending the goods and a legal contract between the sender and the shipper. This document serves as a receipt for the goods that have since been handed over to the shipper. All particulars with regard to nature of goods, sender’s and the receiver’s details need to be filled in this bill of lading. This form can be filled online too for which you may contact the company that you hire. Other shipping documents may also be asked of the shipper and filled by the sender in proper manners.
  • Shipment – Once you have chosen the carrier and filled up the requisite documents, it is the time for shipping your valuable items to the other end. The selected carrier may be contacted for making pick-up arrangements. The shippers generally charge some sort of fees for this service. If you intend to drop off the intended packages on your own, you can do so and save many dollars towards the pick-up fees.
  • Tracking – Be careful to obtain the PRO/tracking numbers that help you in locating the consignment till its delivery. E-mail notifications with regard to tracking of the goods may be asked from the shipper. These alerts are helpful in solving unexpected issues that sometimes arise during the transit period.

Safe and timely shipping to Poland or to other distant places can be ensured by following the above steps.

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