Trekking is one of the best experiences that one has to savor at least once in their life. This once done completely there is a feeling of success and achievement.

Those who stay in Bangalore and are searching for places for where to go for trekking in Bangalore; there are plenty of options for them. In fact, there are many organizations which arrange for small trekking events where one can enroll themselves easily.  Here are some options from which one can choose from if they are interested to take part in a trekking adventure.

Bavikonda Kilchikia Trek: This trek event is organized by ‘Oye Oye Musafir’ and the date is on 20th February. One can enroll themselves with Rs 3000. This place is almost 350 kilometers away from Bangalore and this unique place has a beautiful nature around along with waterfalls and dense forests.  The waterfall has a height of 1700 meters and the ridge walk that takes you to the top of the fall is beautiful. The journey is very refreshing as you get to spend the entire trip under the open clear sky. There will be arrangements of camp fire and there is also a visit to Somavati River. The trip cost includes the transportation cost from and to Bangalore along with two breakfasts, a lunch and a dinner.

Brahmagiri Hills Trek: To enroll for this trek adventure one has to take a pocket pinch of Rs 2950 and the trip starts from 17th February and ends in 19th February. The entire trip is organized by Adventure Adda. Now to be very honest Brahmagiri is one of the most beautiful places in India and its scenic beauty is beyond words.  This place is situated at the border of Kerala and Karnataka; the two states of southern part of India. Here when one treks can witness a lot of wild animals like bisons, deer, wild dogs, sambars and elephants. There is Shola forest and the major tourist attraction here is Coorg. The endless green forest and the valleys along with waterfalls and streams flowing down make it a perfect place to relax after trekking and reaching there. One has to trek for 18 kilometers to reach the point and the difficulty level of trekking is moderate. The trip accommodation will also provide sleeping bags and mats and rest rooms as well in order to refresh the travelers.

Trek to the lost trails of Nilgiris: this trip is scheduled from 17th February to 19th February and is conducted by Mad Nomad organization. To book or to get a reservation, one has to pay Rs 6500. The best part about this adventure is, it takes you to the unexplored places of Nilgiri. They take you deep into the forests of the Nilgiris and also to Kotagiri wich is another serene hill station near Ooty. The tour also provides night stays and food accommodations as well. This can be one lifetime experience.

So, pack your bags and set out for a trekking journey.


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