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What Is A Loft And Different Ways Of Using It?


What is a loft?

A loft is a space directly under the roof of the house. The area is generally left unutilized. This space can be better used in several ways depending on the innovative and creative skills of the owner.

Loft conversions decoded

The various loft conversion ideas that are used by the experts are as enumerated below:-

An extra bedroom

The number of rooms at your place may be sufficient but you can never say no to an extra bedroom. The loft can be easily converted to an extra bedroom which you can use for many purposes. The bedroom can be a guest room, children’s TV room or a bachelor pad. The loft conversions Essex is a great idea to create your unused loft space into a makeshift bedroom.

Choose the wall colour appropriately

The walls often determine the feel of your room. The colour scheme and design can give your rooms and wall space a completely new look. While planning the colour of the rooms, you must plan to do it as per the size. The loft conversions in Essex suggest that light colours can be quite helpful in making the loft space look bright and spacious. The loft areas are often devoid of any natural light and painting them dark and dull would lead to making them appear cramped. Thus, a natural bright light wall paired with bright lights would be a great idea for your loft.

Window screens for natural light

The lofts have direct access to the rooftop. You can place overhead windows to utilize the natural light. The windows give a very different feel to the loft area. You can enjoy the benefits of natural light along with huge savings on electricity. The overhead window shields can be a very different experience as you can enjoy the sun, stars, rain and snow with the comfort of your bed. The window gives you a new experience while adding to the look of the room.

Kids room

The loft can be a perfect idea for a kid’s room. The kids can have a separate den for their play. The small space would not be a problem for the kids as they do not require much space. The walls can be painted in themes for your kids. The entire decor can be complemented by cartoons or superheroes themes as your kid’s love. The kids will love the new room specially curated for them.

We are often clueless about the loft area. It is often unused, however, with the various ideas from Loft Conversions in Essex, you can pep up your loft and make it a very attractive and useful corner of the house.

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